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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

alberta cabinet shuffled.

I am not completely sure what a "concrete slate of names" means, but Don Braid has an early list of cabinet appointments.

I will provide more commentary once the list is actually released.

Update: Here is the list.


Anonymous said...

All that hype. Same faces, same attitudes, same old patronage. Bo-ring.
I am sure the young up & comers will be more than tempted now to cross, to be overlooked for the likes of Oberle? Seriously? Lame. Poor performace (Klimchuk, Blackett, +) not a determinate. Wow.
Most interesting to watch now will be to see if the royalty rates drop on par with the icecaps.

Brian Dell said...

It seems to me that Doug Griffiths has been demoted, losing his Parliamentary Assistant job.

If Griffiths crossed the floor to Wildrose I would be less upset about not having a byelection than with last week's floor crossers since Griffiths would probably be enough of an asset to make up for any backlash with respect to no byelection.

Robert Gerard said...

Anyone who thinks Morton got a promotion doesn’t understand the difference between Finance and Treasury Board. Morton will get to announce the budget and the quarterly updates – period. The premier’s pal Lloyd Snelgrove – an early supporter of his leadership bid – decides where the money gets spent and by whom. In a clash between the egghead American professor and the Vegreville good ol’ boy, who do you think comes out on top? Morton said some pretty nasty things about Stelmach during the leadership and Eddie the Unready has proven that the only thing he values more than loyalty is revenge!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Griffiths got demoted is an idiot - a Treasury Board appointment trumps being a Minister's coffee bringer every time.

Brian Dell said...

Anonymous at 4:18:
If there was no intent to demote him then why wasn't he given Jeff Johnson's job of being on the Treasury Board AND being Parliamentary Asst?

Jarrett Leinweber said...

Unfortunately it is still the same old crew making the policy decisions. I don't care how they re-arrange the cabinet.

I hope we get some better policy in the short-term, but it doesn't change the fact that we need new and more nimble minded individuals running this province.

Anonymous said...

Peter Sandhu deserves to be a minister. He's a fabulous representative of the east indian community.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they gave Zwozdesky health and wellness. Someone brilliant and articulate that has excellent leadership like Raj Sherman was passed up. Horrible assignment.

Anonymous said...

Peter who? He is an Appalling representative in the legislature, and is an absolute embarrassment to the East Indian community.

Anonymous said...

Anonymoud said: "Peter Sandhu deserves to be a minister. He's a fabulous representative of the east indian community."

-->I always thought once you become an elected public official that you represent ALL peoples, not just one type of community. May the most qualified, intelligent, smartest, articulate person with education(that does not hurt) that the PEOPLE want win...somehow I don't think that's Peter. Not to knock Peter...I am sure he is a great guy.