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Friday, April 09, 2010

new video: earl and rahim.


Anonymous said...

Funny. That's good satire. How long you imagine before he writes his memoirs?

Robert said...

Oh Rahim. Good timing.

Kyle McGregor said...

How many votes do you gander this will swing towards Linda Duncan in the next election? Anyone want to bet that Ryan Hastman is hearing a lot about Rahim at the doors?

Leza Evant said...

Don't joke ::: Ryan Hastman is working hard and is backedup by a strong campaign team. Watch out Linda Duncan ::: Watch out NDP.

Rahim Jaffer might have to move to Ontario to jumpstart his political career, I hear that there might be a by-election in Simcoe-Grey soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Linda Duncan's seat will be quite safe. I don't even like her as an MP that much and I can say that. A lot of Edmontonians like to have at least one voice of opposition from this province in Ottawa and Strathcona is the natural fit. There will be people from all over coming in to help the Duncan campaign, just like last time.

With the endless reminders of how principled the last Conservative MP from Strathcona was, I would think the CPC's election team might target different seats. It could take a ridiculous amount of time, effort and dollars for them to win this one back. There has to be easier picking elsewhere.

Berry Farmer said...

The Conservatives are tough on crime. It's just that crime doesn't seem that tough on Conservatives.

Curmudgeon-at-Large said...

Linda Duncan's election was the result of several factors:
1. A high-quality candidate with some name recognition (due to having run in the previous election)
2. A weak Liberal candidate
3. A large well-directed group of volunteers
4. A lazy campaign by Jaffer

The margin of victory was less than 500 votes.

Only two of these factors are in Duncan's control. We can expect the CPC to devote many more resources to Edmonton-Strathcona in the next election. What the Liberals can dig up remains to be seen.

Duncan could pick up some of the votes that went to the Green Party, since she appeals to the same point of view and has proven she can actually get elected.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the power of incumbancy. That's something the CPC had last time, and now Linda Duncan has it.

I don't think it will be a landslide, but I do think if she works for it, Ms Duncan's seat is safe.

Anonymous said...

Jaffer was elected with between 35% and 40% of the votes in Strathcona; the last election, a significant enough number of Liberal voters switched their vote to Duncan to elect her. It was a choice between a strong NDP candidate and a largely unknown Liberal candidate.

The Liberals should concede Strathcona to the NDP, and concentrate on other constituencies in Edmonton that are presently represented by MPs not a whole lot different from Jaffer (Laurie Hawn and Peter Goldring for example).

First and foremost, the goal is to turf Harper; after that, let's worry about Liberal and NDP numbers.

Anonymous said...

Earl Wood gives advice to Alberta P.C. Party and the Alberta Premier

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hastman's support comes from the right fringe of the party: Anders, Day, and Doug Main, and yet he bills himself as being centrist.

Uh, really Ryan?

A quick peek at his company website shows that about a third of his clients are evangelical christian groups. Where Rahim was a moderate conservative, Ryan is supported by and aligned with the far right of the CPC.

While Hastman will find support in the suburbs, he won't pick up much support in central Scona, the most populated and progressive portion of the riding.

Regardless, this will still be a close race.

NLAR said...

"Earl Wood advice to Ed Stelmach" video to go viral?

art said...

Testing out a new look for the blog?

daveberta said...

Art: Yep. I should have it transferred over some point this week.

Anonymous said...

Hastman has been working far harder than Duncan. Where has she been since she won?

I also wouldn't say all of his support comes from the right of the CPC:

Anonymous said...

Wow. So he went door knocking with Prentice. Still doesn't hide that fact that Ryan is a member of the Tory Far Right.

Yeah, Hastman sure is working hard. Duncan does all the work to get the funding for the local GO community centre, and Hastman poses for the photo op if somehow to take credit for it. Our boy Ryan has learned much from his mentor Mr. Jaffer.

Ryan Hastman: Rahim Jaffer 2.0

Anonymous said...

What exactly did Duncan do for the Go Centre? In fact, what has she done since she was elected? I'd love to know what she has done with the office since she won it.

Isn't the man who dreamed up the Go project a well known Tory and supporter of Hastman? Doesn't sound like he's too fond of the current MP and her love of Bloc amendments that attack Alberta's economy:

Anonymous said...

Duncan worked with the centre to get the application into the government:

Your boy Ryan Jaffer sure is a chip off the old block.