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Friday, June 03, 2005

Klein on his way out: Tory MLA

Well, it's begun, and it's coming from Tory MLA Lloyd Snelgrove...

MLA predicts Klein gone by fall

Last updated Jun 3 2005 10:50 AM MDT
CBC News

EDMONTON – One of Premier Ralph Klein's MLAs is speculating on when his boss will step down, predicting a fall departure.

Vermilion-Lloydminster MLA Lloyd Snelgrove has stepped forward as the first caucus member to openly talk about when he thinks Klein will retire.

Klein, elected to a fourth majority last fall, says it was his last campaign. And while he maintains that he will serve out a full term, many believe he will go earlier, and campaigns to replace him have already been launched.

"It could be within the year, it could be sooner. I just think that it will be sooner than later," Snelgrove said. "I just have to guess from the leadership activity that many of those think the same way as me.

"They seem to operate in a different information system than we do, so I don't believe they'd be as active if they didn't feel that the leadership race would be sooner than later."

Snelgrove says within the party's inner circles, when Klein will go is the subject of much discussion.

While Snelgrove would like to see Klein stay for another three years, he says speculation among those close to the premier has him going as early as this fall – which would be Klein's 25th anniversary in politics.

He was elected the mayor of Calgary in 1980.

The gates are open. The "tirekickers" are banging at the gates, and the King is a lame, lame duck.

Retire Ralph, you're way past your best-before-date.


Anonymous said...

This is good news.



- Albertans have gotten used over the years to electing Ralphie, no matter what.

- With Ralphie gone, the Alberta Liberals will have a chance to win more seats and, possibly, even form the government of Alberta.

daveberta said...

I agree, if one thing is for sure in Alberta politics, it's that the governing party always looses ground to the opposition when they change leaders (well, most of the time). Take for example: Getty in 1986 (lost ground to the NDP and Liberals) and Klein in 1993 (lost ground to the Liberals).

daveberta said...

not to mention Harry Strom's Socreds in 1971 losing to Peter Lougheed Tories.