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Sunday, August 07, 2005

premiers annual golf tournament

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"Toot toot!" The "Premiers Express" goes to Banff.

Canada's provincial Premiers will be meeting in Banff this week (August 10-12) to hold their annual golf tournament, which is also known as the "Council of the Federation."

The week will start off with a train-ride from Calgary to Banff (see above).

According to the Globe & Mail:

"[d]eveloping a national plan on post-secondary education and training will top the agenda when the country's provincial and territorial leaders gather this week in the
Rocky Mountains for their annual meeting."

Well, as much as we hope that they seriously discuss and take action on this issue, we're willing to bet that it won't take long before the meeting becomes another bickerfest between the provinces and the feds.

PREMTIVE NOTE TO PREMIERS AND FEDS: Both of your funds come from the same taxpayer. Quit acting like 8 year-olds and start some action on PSE!

You can find more info on the "Council of the Federation" annual golf conference in Banff here.


Duncan said...

Do you know what is awesome - on the Premier's site there is a link to register as a delegate - can you see McGuinty filling out his food preference? I mean, isn't the delegate list kind of established, ten premiers?

Anonymous said...

I wonder which Premiers would opt for the vegetarian meal?

daveberta said...

Heh. Funny.