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Monday, September 12, 2005

the oberg effect.

August 30-31: Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation Minister and Tory Leadership Candidate, Lyle Oberg visits the Ukraine and meets with Ukraine's Minister of Transportation and other government and business officials.

Sept 9: Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko fires his cabinet.

Mere coincidence? Decide for yourself.


Chris said...

Oberg: "Oh yes, President Yushchenko, I've been publicly yanked out of a high profile government position before, except that I was stuck elsewhere. They'll take it like champs."

Yushchenco: "koЯ вас кохаю."

AWGB said...

I wish the headline read: "Clay Aitken goes to Moscow".

daveberta said...

well, technically it would have been "clay Aitken goes to Kiev," but yeah.