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Sunday, November 13, 2005

85.71 cups.

According to the Death by Caffine Calculator:
85.71 cups of Brewed Coffee + daveberta = Death
(Props to Chris for the linkage)


Unknown said...

It would take 153.6 shots of espresso to kill my punk ass. I actually think I drink that much for breakfast on my more off days....

-Socialist Swine

Mike said...

I must be twice as big as dave

165.07 cups for me.

I wonder if that includes cream and sugar variables?

Beatrice said...

236.98 cans of Diet Pepsi or 142.19 cups of tea for me. I think the most Diet Pepsi I've ever had in a day is four and the most cups of tea is about 10. Are these numbers supposing that I'd drink all of these one after the other? I think I'd get sick way before the "death" point.

Unknown said...

Actually overdosing on caffeine is quite unpleasant. It's happened to me before, it really doesn't feel good....

-Socialist Swine