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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Today's Inside Higher Education has a story about bloggers in academia...

"Dissent is a way of life in the blogosphere; comments and barbs get traded, and feelings potentially hurt, every day. But one such discussion among three academics has escalated to the point that at least two of them have hired lawyers to try to resolve the dispute.

Paul Deignan is a 41-year-old mechanical engineering Ph.D. candidate, with master’s degrees in math and mechanical engineering, a background in military intelligence and a wife and three kids.
Read the rest here...


Nastyboy said...

I have lawyer on retainer at all times so everyone be nice.

Seriously though, man-up Nancies. especially Bitch Ph.D. She's probably more man than the othertwo.

Unknown said...

The way I see Deignan made himself look worse than Bitch PhD or Wally did. However, the entire dispute does strike me as extremely childish. I mean just call the person a donkey fucker and leave it at that. Why bring in lawyers and such?

-Socialist Swine