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Sunday, November 27, 2005

got a hitch in y'r giddyup?


In preparation for Tuesday's expected federal election call, we've decided to make up a list of Edmonton ridings and their candidates so far... (let us know if we've missed anyone!)

We'll keep updating the list as more candidates are declared, nominated, appointed, or turfed.


EDMONTON CENTRE (2004 results & map)
Laurie Hawn - Conservative
Lyle Kenny - Marjuana Party
Donna Martyn - NDP

Anne McLellan - Liberal
David Parker - Green

EDMONTON EAST (2004 results & map)
Trey Capernhurst - Green
Arlene Chapman - NDP

Peter Goldring - Conservative
Ken Kirk - Marijuana
Nicole Martel - Liberal

David Vanzella - CAP
(*UPDATE* Nov 29 - According to the Green Party website, Paul Wallace is no longer their candidate)

EDMONTON LEDUC (2004 results & map)
Jim Jacuta - Liberal
Ben Pettit - Green

James Rajotte - Conservative
Marty Rybiak - NDP

(2004 results & map)
Kate Harrington - Green
Neal Gray - NDP

Amarjit Grewal - Liberal
Mike Lake -

(2004 results & map)
Ken Epp -
Laurie Lang - NDP
Lynn Lau - Green

Ron Symic - Liberal

(2004 results & map)
Rona Ambrose -
Brad Enge -
John Lackey - Green
Jason Rockwell - NDP

(2004 results & map)
Stanley Haroun - Liberal
Peter Johnston - Green
Mike Melymick - NDP
John Williams - Conservative

EDMONTON STRATHCONA (2004 results & map)
Linda Duncan - NDP
Dave Dowling - Marijuana

Andy Hladyshevsky - Liberal
Rahim Jaffer -
Cameron Wakefield - Green


Gauntlet said...

I'm betting George gets appointed in Edmonton Strathcona.

Jim said...

Damn... I live in Edm-Strathcona. I will not vote for Rahim, so he's out. I don't particularly want to vote Liberal, but hey, there's always a chance. I'm leaning towards the NDP (I voted for crazy Malcom last time), but Linda Duncan--and I'm saying this purely superficially--looks like one of your crazy neighbors who refuses to cut or weed their lawn, letting things "grow naturally". Kind of like what she's doing with her Christopher Lloyd circa Back To The Future-style hair.


Don't make me vote Green, but I will if it comes to that.

daveberta said...

Jason, unsubstantiated rumours are saying that George has dropped out the race in favour of running for the LPCA Presidency next spring...

daveberta said...


Yeah, Strathcona is going to be a tough one. For us, it all depends who wins the Liberal nomination. Ellen Schoeck is a nice person and would probably be a good MP, though the entry of a Liberal candidate this late in the race definately poses some challeges when the Ms. Duncan has been doorknocking for the past 6 months. hmmmm. should be interesting.

Though the Green party/none of the above vote is looking fairly tempting at this point...

CFAC Library said...

"Mr. Dowling has had extensive web experience with hosting his own message board forums, participating in chatting in moderated internet chat rooms, making and maintaining his own web pages and web sites for non-profit organizations and just cruising the net. Dave partook in the first ever internet chat hosted by Air Force One, and his most memorial conversation was being able to ask the second man to walk on the moon:

What would you say would be the most important thing I would learn from reading your book, "The Return," Mr. Buzz Aldrin?

Buzz Aldrin replied: “That there is hope for the future if certain enabling, critical decisions are made by our leaders in government in the next several years.” "

This guy seems to have experience with the internets... a definate plus!

Jim said...

LOVE the new look, Daveberta. Much better than the vanilla sex old format.

daveberta said...

"vanilla sex"?

thanks? yeah, we're pleased with the new template as well. :-)

Sam said...

Linda Duncan is actually super amazing in my mind, and yes I'm biased, but I don't normally speak out for candidates being in the position that I am, but Linda Duncan took on the slack environmental regulations leading to the Wabamun spill. She's a kick ass environmental lawyer.

Jim said...

Hmm. I have much respect for conserving Alberta's lands and lakes. Thanks for your post, Sam. I'll keep an open mind, for sure.

daveberta said...

We have a feeling that Ms. Duncan may do fairly well in Strathcona. She's been doorknocking since spring, so she definately has a headstart against the yet-to-be nominated Liberal candidate.

Jim said...

Well, defeating Rahim is what I care about--as is not voting Liberal (:P)--so yeah, for now, Miss Duncan is the proud recipient of my tentative support.

Whoop-de-shit. :P

daveberta said...

"Whoop-de-shit. :P"


Canadian Gurl said...

Fact is the liberal candidate is the only candidate capable of beating Rahim Jaffer. The Liberals are becoming less vile, and that I think its time that Jaffer goes, Andy Hladyshevsky will get my vote. I want us to send a message to Stephen Harper. If Jaffer wins again I'm going to be sick.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

I dunno, CG. Edmonton-Strathcona sure looks like a wide open race to me. The Liberals didn't even bother to get their candidate nominated until this week. It's quite possible they'll split the vote as per usual, but if you're thinking this new Liberal guy will come in second and Duncan only third, I bet you're in for some serious surprises.

Canadian Gurl said...

That sounds like an echo from the lat election, and sure enough the liberal candidate and the NDP candidate split the vote, and the Liberal came in second.

The week before the election many of my friends convinced me to vote NDP because they figured the same thing as you... I'm not going to make that mistake again.

Don't get me wrong, I like the NDP, but I hate Jaffer and the Conservatives even more.

Transport Guy said...

I think in the Edmonton-Strathcona riding, if you hate Jaffer, the only option is the NDP. If you vote Liberal 1) Less people are likely to vote liberal because of the whole sponsorship issue, and 2) the Liberal candidate is a corporate lawyer. He is not going to be any different than Jaffer.

Having chatted with the NDP candidate when she was door knocking, she seems rooted and running because she wants to help the community she grew up in. She is not the professional politician that Jaffer is... I mean what has Jaffer done in his life other than be a politician? Shouldn't candidates be bringing in life experiences and knowledge from other ventures to the position?

For what it is worth, I'm voting NDP.

Chris said...

Reports over at have Linda Duncan polling higher than the Liberal candidate:

Originally posted by Red Albertan:, based on the latest Strategic Council poll, makes Edmonton-Strathcona a tight 3-way race, pegging the CPC at 35%, the NDP in second place at 28.1% and the LPC at 27.9% (Greens at 9.3%). Linda Duncan has been slowly but steadily rising, while Jaffer and the Liberal candidate have been on a slow decline.