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Sunday, November 20, 2005

hinman elected alliance leader.

Cardston-Taber-Warner MLA Paul Hinman was elected leader of the Alberta Alliance Party this weekend at their convention in Red Deer.

Hinman, the only AA MLA in the Alberta Legislature, was easily knocked off fellow right-wing crazies Marilyn Burns, David Crutcher, and Ed Klop (Klop was endorsed by former leader Randy Thorsteinson - with endorsements like he's an "incredibly nice guy" and he "grew up on a dairy farm," we're stunned Klop didn't win with a landslide...) .

Here are the results...

1st Ballot
Paul Hinman - 485
Marilyn Burns - 244
David Crutcher - 211
Ed Klop - 188

2nd Ballot
Paul Hinman - 584
Marilyn Burns - 312
David Crutcher - 236

3rd Ballot
Paul Hinman - 626
Marilyn Burns - 387

It seems that Red Deer was a hot spot for right-wing fringe politicians this weekend as the Alberta Social Credit Party also held it's convention this weekend...


Hishighness said...

lol, right wing crazies.... hehehehhe

I also responded to your critque of my post dave, I apologized as I didn't mean to offend sane Albertans.

calgarygrit said...

If Hinman had over 50% on the second ballot, why did they bother with a third?

Or is that how they do things in the Alberta Alliance?

daveberta said...

We think they may have had a 60% threshold or something.

Unknown said...

I think he needed a two-thirds majority.


daveberta said...

ah. that would make sense.