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Saturday, November 05, 2005


ahhh. Saturday morning... ug.... afternoon...

It's fairly cool outside. Almost winter, but not quite. Feels like -30C, but it's really only -7Cish.

We're on the tail end of our fluishness. Thank goodness. It's amazing what a good sleep and 4 litres of orange juice can do.

Also, we started reading the book Jarhead today. Apparently they're making a movie of it. But apparently the movie has been fairly sanatized from the book version. After we finish the book, we may move on to the movie version and write a review.

We watched the War Room the other night. HOW COOL. For those of you who don't know about it, it's a documentary on the 1992 Clinton Campaign focusing on Misters James Carville and George Stephanopoulous. Props to Mr. Spence for lending it to us.

Also saw The Big Lebowski for the first time last night. Following the movie, we were asked our opinion of it. We told our fellow viewers (ici, ici, ici, et ici) that we would sleep on it, and we're proud to announce that the verdict is good. It was an enjoyable production.


ainge lotusland said...

the jarhead movie was good.

actually, i dont know if it was good. see, i kept comparing it to full metal jacket... but i cant go on comparing every marines movie to full metal jacket. so, while comparing it, i kind of felt jarhead wasnt so good... then i felt like i was being unfair with the comparison, and i warmed up to jarhead. then i thought, wait, maybe this whole cutting it some slack thing is unfair. why does it get the slack cut?

in conclusion, it does a decent job of illustrating the boredom and frustration during gulf war... but yeah, a lot of the stickier stuff with his family was just kind of thrown on the table with a brief sequence in the beginning, and not really dealt with in depth.

daveberta said...

THanks for the heads up, ainge. We're not going to see it until we finish the book... which may take sometime... seeing the 4 papers we have to get finished in the next 3 or so weeks... arg.