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Monday, December 12, 2005

hoisted by our own petard!

Well, the results of the Canadian Blog Awards were released last night and we didn't fair too badly.

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When the final ballots were counted, we ended up in a strong second place behind Ms. Samantha Burns. Not too bad considering we only made it past the first round of voting in 5th place by 1 vote (54-53 votes against the Cassandra Pages).

Here are the results from the BEST PERSONAL BLOG category...
1. The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns - 248 Votes (24%)
2. Daveberta - 245 Votes (24%)
3. Jenandtonic - 196 Votes (19%)
4. Postmodernes Sprachspienlen - 192 Votes (19%)
5. Postcards from the Mothership - 148 Votes (14%)
Though we didn't think we stood much of a chance in the beginning, an agressive campaign, followed by endorsements by Buckets and CalgaryGrit almost pushed us over the top!

So, props to all our lovely competitors and make sure to check out their blogs!

Props to Sam Burns for her first place finish - by 3 votes! (now we know how Laurie Hawn will feel on election night when Anne McLellan once against sqweeks through in Edmonton Centre... BA-ZING! :-P )

And of course, %100 props to all those who voted for us! May all your Christmas wishes come true. :-P


WillBlog said...

It's not over yet, not by a long shot.

On election night, I'm going to settle back with my popcorn and beer and watch the defeat of Anne McLellan ;-)

calgarygrit said...


Jim said...

Aw man, that's rough. I voted for you, but I should have voted twice, like Laurie Hawn supporters do! :P


Sorry, that was a complete fabrication and irresponsible of me to say. He'll still lose, though.

WillBlog said...

Well, I guess we'll see in 42 days.

And certainly, I only vote once in an election.

As for my evil twin Miguel Sanchez...

daveberta said...

lol. we shall see indeed, Mr. McBeath. 42 days is a long long time... but alls fair in love and war.

CFAC Library said...

The people of fair Spruce Grove wouldn't spend their money on beer and popcorn... they would spend it on cookies and snow.

Jim said...

"Cookies and snow"?

Ummm... knowing Spruce Grove, don't you mean "hookers and blow"? :P

jenB said...

i suspect she will win by even more this time. i wouldn't vote conservative unless there was threat of violence, but those bastards pushing an election in january. well, i oughta'.... not vote for them i guess.

coming in 3rd is like winning 20 bucks in a beauty pageant in monopoly. :-)