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Thursday, December 15, 2005

rahim! where's the beef!?!

It appears that Tory Rahim Jaffer is the first local candidate to come out in support of Edmonton Strathcona's bustling rural community!

This would be fine and dandy... but last we checked, there weren't very many farmers in this constituency (which is probably near 100% urban).

No word yet whether Mr. Jaffer is going to take some time off from supporting local cattle ranchers to support post-secondary students (the University of Alberta just happens to be in his riding...)

(To be fair, Liberal candidate Andy Hladyshevsky doesn't have anything about PSE on his website either, but at least he's not out campaiging for local farmers... but, NDP Candidate Linda Duncan does! - PSE that is... not cattle ranchers...)


Anonymotron said...

Hmm... isn't there an organization you're affiliated with that often does a "Rural Tour" to try to get rural communities to support post-secondary education?

I know, I know. An imperfect analogy - you're promoting the issues of your constituents in rural Alberta, while Rahim is promoting the issues of rural Alberta to his constituents. Just being a dick. :-)

His website is probably just a copy-paste job from Edmonton Area Tory Central. If you think Rahim's bad, Rona doesn't even live in her riding. (She apparently lives in that weird little "Skunk Hollow" community near the QE Park road.)

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Ahh, but I live in Rahim's riding and I am in fact a former beef farmer who is more than a little interested in the agriculture policies his government would enable.

On the same token, the next time Ellen Parker (the NDP candidate for Crowfoot) has any sort of information on her website about the NDP's support for queer rights, perhaps she should be taken to task for bringing up an issue that doesn't apply to her constituency (I'm guessing the Strathcona residents with rural roots likely surpasses the 20-25 homosexuals in the Camrose area).

daveberta said...

It was partically a 'tongue-in-cheek' post, it had more to do with Mr. Jaffer not having any info on Post-Secondary Education, rather than him having info on rural communities (but the rural communities point seemed slightly ridiculous for an Urban MP to have on his campaign website, the people in Canrose won't be voting for Mr. Jaffer).

Yes, it probably is just a template, most of the other Tory candidates in Edmonton have the same template.

As for Feynman and Coulter's love child (ug, bad bad mental image..)... are you saying there aren't gay people in Camrose? (because there aren't any rural communities in Edmonton Strathcona).

Jim said...

I think he thinks that rural communities are made of touger moral fibre than limp-wristed, effete urban communities, and gayness pops up far, far less in their crop.

Isn't that right, Mr. Coulter?