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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

this tory baby scare us.

Not that we pretend to actually know anything about childcare policy, but take a look at this baby picture for the Conservative Party website!

We can't decide whether it's cute or whether it's possessed!

Image hosted by

(Well, Mr. McBeath, is it cute or possessed? or both!?! Is it a TWO-tier baby!?!)


Jim said...

Ewww... the parents are going to give that kid a complex.

Childhood should be a period free of the taint of conservative activism. ;P

Jim said...

And for the record, yeah, that kid looks like it's about to stab someone.

Jim said...

I mean: Jesus, that's some scary shit.

daveberta said...

indeed. It's very concerning.

fresh said...

looks like a case of child abuse to me... id rather get my kids (if i had any) mullet hair cuts then put one of those hats on them

WillBlog said...

The Conservative Party of Canada opposes the flawed Liberal baby registry.

Our babies are free to wear whatever headgear they so choose.

daveberta said...

We hear that Paul Martin has just annouced an extension of the Baby Registry to ban hand-held babies!