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Monday, January 02, 2006

and they rejoiced at our triumphant return...

As the eve of 2005 has passed, we find our creative juices running fairly low. We had a very relaxing holiday, but after spending the past three days in party/celebratory-mode, we find our desire to even write this blog post on the low end of low.

But alas, we shall force ourselves to please the mighty blog gods with a post...

We have a couple things to mention...

Federal Leadership. We're still having a very hard time getting excited about this writ period. All the party leaders are boring and uninspiring. We don't particularity enjoy Paul Martin, but we enjoy Stephen Harper even less. We are also fairly disappointed with Jack Layton in this election (so far), he's just not very inspiring. Please, someone offer VISION. Please.

Income-Trusts. We don't really know much about them, but the entire thing seems slimy.

Edmonton Strathcona. We're still unsure of who to vote for. We think we like our local NDP candidate, Linda Duncan, but we haven't ruled out voting for Green candidate, Cameron Wakefield, as a protest vote.

For those of you interested, there are a couple of Edmonton Strathcona election forums coming up in the near future (at the University of Alberta and Knox-Metropolitan Church). We'll post more info when we confirm them.

As well, Edmonton Strathcona Progressive Canadian candidate, Mike Fedeyko has set up his website and has joined Linda Duncan in candidate sites linking to our blog. Props to both of them!

Warren Kinsella. We're a little disappointed we didn't make Mr. Kinsella's top 10 blogs list. What's up Warren baby!?! ;-)

Blogs/Webboards. Mike Klander. Gordon Stamp. Seriously folks. Did they think that people weren't reading their stuff?

As for Mr. Klander's Olivia Chow comparison, we can assure everyone that Oliva Chow (see right) is much much better looking than a Chow Chow dog (we met her last year).

Also, see Derek's take on Mr. Klander... hahaha. keep it up, Mr. Raymaker.

As for Mr. Stamp, well, we don't think very highly of Alberta separatists, so we'll leave it at that.

Movies. We've seen a couple of good movies over the holidays. We saw the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Fun with Dick and Jane, and Walk the Line (for the third time...). They were all good. Fun with Dick and Jane was particularity funny.

haha. We're watching Office Space as we blog. This movie is too funny... har har har...



Vote for Linda it's the effective protest vote.

daveberta said...

well, we're not sure that voting for one of the main parties would translate into a "protest vote." but, we're definately leaning her way.

v said...

Hello Mr. Berta!

I request the insight of your wisdom for a terribly serious matter. I once referred to Mr. Layton as a "handsome son of a b****" whose rugged good looks and soaring glory of oratory were "the s**t that gets you the hotties", in clear reference to an ensuing picture which showed Mr. Layton and Ms. Chow sharing a passionate, heterosexual, open-mouth kiss.

My question: am I gay, homophobic, misogynist, bigotted, or what? It's hard to keep track of the latest standards of fake rightoeus indignation; please advise!

You can see the article "Show Some Love For Jack Layton" and the viciously heteronormative picture (Warning! Some Liberal/Left types might find such a blatant display of public heterosexuality vulgar! - Anon.) in question here.

Yours, etc.

Nastyboy said...

Office space rules! I have my very own red swingline stapler.


In Edmonton Strathcona federally the race has been historically between Liberals and Conservatives, unlike the provincial campaigns. So yep a vote for the NDP is a protest vote. And a darn effective one at that.