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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

finally, it's over...

...and we can't say we're not pleased with the results.

We will have more indepth commentary this evening, but for now we can say that seat wise, this is probably one of the best senarios we were hoping for:

- a small Conservative minority = change in government.
- a large Liberal official opposition = time for the Liberals to rejuvenate themselves and get some perspective outside of governing.
- a larger NDP caucus = more seats, but could also equal less influence in the House of Commons is now divided.
- a smaller Bloc caucus = from what we hear, the Bloc dropped in popular support as well. This is good (though we're surprised the Tories picked up 10 seats in Quebec. wow).

We should have more time this evening to write up a summary of our thoughts. See you then.




Jim said...

As much as I don't like their ideology, the 10 Conservative seats in Quebec delight me, because many (most?) of them came at the expense of the Bloc!! I'd much rather have a right-wing federalist than a left-wing separatist in Parliament. It really is delightful that the Bloc lost a bit of ground.

Emilio said...

You guys are disappointed that a corrupt left-wing party lost an election? What a surprise. I guess its no different than if George Bush woulda lost and people would have said its a crying shame. I'm disappointed too. Disappointed that Ontario people would vote Liberal again. Toronto went pretty much all Liberal. I guess having a young girl killed on Boxing Day wasn't good enough to get rid of a party weak on crime. Paul Martin coulda said Toronto sucks and spat on people in Toronto but they 'd still vote Liberal.