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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

tory cabinet: alberta content.

We're sure that many bloggers have seen this ensemble, written up by the always awesome Rick Mercer, with his thoughts on a potential Conservative Government Cabinet.

Though his were obviously satirical in nature (Stockwell Day in a Federal cabinet? hahaha)

As much as we dread the thought of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister, if the Liberals national campaign bombs any further, it may be an inevitability.

This got us seriously thinking about which Alberta Conservative MP's would make it in a Stephen Harper-led Conservative cabinet. Though we're sure that every current Tory MP with Reform Party pedigree circa 1993 (ie: Diane Ablonczy, Art Hanger, Ken Epp, John Williams) believes he or she (singular) will make the cut, we would predict that there would only be three or four Alberta MP's that would make it to full Cabinet Minister positions (the rest being dealt out to other Western, Maritime, Ontario, and possibly Quebec MP's).

So, right or wrong... here's our predictions for Alberta Tory MP's who we believe would make the cut as full-Cabinet Ministers in a potential Stephen Harper-led government:

Rona Ambrose, MP Edmonton - Spruce Grove since 2004;
James Rajotte, MP for Edmonton - Leduc since 2000;
Lee Richardson, MP for Calgary Centre since 2004 (MP for Calgary Southeast from 1988 to 1993);
Monte Solberg, MP for Medicine Hat since 1993;
and duh... Stephen Harper, Calgary Southwest since 2002 (MP for Calgary West from 1993 to 1997).

This will no doubt meet the ire of many Alberta right-wingers, who will probably never be satisfied until the National Capital gets moved to Calgary. And even then, they will still be bitter about it ever being in Ontario in the first place.

If anything, a Tory government in Ottawa should be a major blow to the Alberta's Provincial Tories, who will no longer be able to use that fancy "it was the fault of those evil Liberals in Ottawa" card they love so much.



Duncan said...

No Jim Prentice?

calgarygrit said...

With Harper as PM, and the party needing to show that it's national, I can really only see 3 Cabmins besides Harper geting in.

Solberg and Ambrose are locks in my opinion.

That leaves Rajotte, Richardson, Prentice, Kenney, Ablonczy, and everyone else fighting it out for the final spot.

McGuire said...

Prentice will be in, so will Rajotte. Lee Richardson won't be. He nearly jumped ship w/ Buh-linda. Ablonczy & Kenney are entitled to cabinet positions, they put in much hard work & deserve a shot.

Jim said...

Yeah, you make a point that I've been pondering for a long time, Dave--the Alberta Liberal Party only started to become viable once again while there was no Liberal government in Ottawa, hitting its apex in 1993 just as the Tories in Ottawa were swept away by the Liberals.

eTownTory said...

Stockwell Day served many good years in the Alberta cabinet. As Deputy Premier and Treasurer, he provided solid leadership to the cabinet. There was obviously a few rough years in Ottawa for Mr. Day (having a lot to do with one of Canadian politics’ all-time mass-betrayals by the Manning crew), but since Harper has become leader, Stockwell has been a loyal lieutenant and a solid senior critic. I think its unfair to categorically say he cannot be an effective member of a future Federal Tory cabinet.

Allie Wojtaszek said...

Solberg and Ambrose and Prentice are my guesses for three from Alberta (not including Harper).

But Federal politics have kept us all guessing recently, hasn't it?

daveberta said...

etown: Mr. Day may be loyal, and he may have served in the Alberta cabinet, but he has next to zero credibility on the national stage.

Unknown said...

I think Prentice, Solberg, and Ambrose for sure. I also think Stockwell Day will have a portfolio. It doesn't make sense for Harper to give him a high profile senior critic job without thinking he's cabinet material.


daveberta said...

also, etown, Stockwell Day would not have been included in our list anyway, he's not an Alberta MP.

CFAC Library said...

They could put Stockwell in cabinet just for the lulz.

Plus, he would be like a first line of defense for the Tories in Cabinet... he would be a lawsuit magnet to protect other Tories from legal troubles.

eTownTory said...

The Stockwell Day comment was in response to you mentioning him. But you are correct, he's a BC MP.

daveberta said...

haha. oh, yeah. we forgot we actually mentioned him. Thinking about it, perhaps he would make a junior cabinet position, but we couldn't see him making any senior level cabinet position.

McGuire said...

I also forgot to mention Rahim Jaffer. Harper will need to take diversity into consideration & as such Jaffer is a lock

CanadianTruth said...

What does Mercer think of this:

When Martin bans the notwithstanding clause he will take power away from the elected house and give it to five people. Five votes of nine in the courts will make law. Five people APPOINTED solely by the Prime minister. Law for 30 million people. That is scary!

daveberta said...

Jaffer may make it to a parliamentary secretary position, but we would wager against him making it as a full cabinet minister in a 1st Harper Cabinet.