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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

edmonton gets the shaft...

1 Prime Minister (Stephen Harper. duh.)
1 Cabinet Minister (Jim Prentice)
3 Parliamentary Secretaries (Diane Ablonczy, Jason Kenney, Deepak Obhrai)

1 Cabinet Minister (Rona Ambrose)

Edmonton wants in?


Gauntlet said...

Jaffer was appointed chair of the caucus, today. Does that count for anything?

daveberta said...

not really. I don't think it really "counts" unless it includes a payhike :-P

nitangae said...

Does Jaffer count in any position? Does he have thoughts?


She is not from Edmonton, she is from Spruce Grove. Damn hyphenated ridings. Well ok she llives in Edmonton Strathcona but she represents Spruce Grove thats like saying the MP from Airdrie represents Calgary or the guy from Oshawa represents Toronto. Hmm yeah the Harper did do that to.

Michael Fox said...

If she lives in Edmonton, that should count for something.

Which Edmonton MP do you guys think SHOULD be in cabinet?

Hasty said...

Which MP's "should" be in cabinet is a question I will not answer. But as for which Edmonton MP's COULD be in cabinet, In addition of course to Rona and Rahim, I think we are rich with excellent MP's that are cabinet-material: James Rajotte, Laurie Hawn, John Williams, Ken Epp, Peter Goldring, Mike Lake.

If the national caucuse picture, in terms of geographical / gender / ethnic / language situations, were different all of these would be cabinet material.

daveberta said...

We didn't mean to downplay Mrs. Ambrose. We think she was a great choice for cabinet minister and we will give her a chance to prove herself.

The one Edmonton MP we were disappointed to see that got the shaft was James Rajotte from Edmonton-Leduc. We thought he'd at least get a parliamentary secretary position.

calgarygrit said...

I'm surprised Rajotte and Jaffer got left out. Rajotte was talked about as a Cabinet possibility and Jaffer is one of the few visible minorities in the CPC.

Anonymous said...

Ken Epp? Peter Goldring? Cabinet material?

Are you on heroin?

daveberta said...

"Ken Epp? Peter Goldring? Cabinet material? "

Useless MP's in our mind. Epp is invisible and Goldring would rather attend a gunshow or advocate for Canadian annexation of the Caribbean than advocate for his constitutents.

And yes, we're really still surprised that Rajotte didn't make it. Jaffer not so much. He's kind of a dweeb.

Hasty said...

"Dweeb"? I disagree. And so does Wikipedia! ;)

Unless you think Mr. Jaffer is socially inept, un-intelligent, or skilled with a shovel. I don't think any one would say he is any of those!

Anonymous said...

Which MP's should have been in cabinet? Well, for starters there was only room for one MP from Calgary other than Harper, and since he already had 5, count em, five females, Prentice was an obvious choice over Abloncy. Can you imagine a cabinet with 6 females? That is overkill.
Smell the sarcasm?
Jaffer...well, there are 2 visible minorities already out of 26, so that is plenty, right?
As for Rajotte, the guy pleaded guilty to assault a few years back (See Edmonton Journal June 27, 2004). How can he handle sensitive material with that kind of past.

Jim said...

"I think we are rich with excellent MP's that are cabinet-material: James Rajotte, Laurie Hawn, John Williams, Ken Epp, Peter Goldring, Mike Lake."

WTF? Laurie Hawn is an intellectual lightweight, but Peter Goldring makes him seem like Jean Jacques Rousseau in comparison. Get serious.

John Williams is pretty good on ethics; he would have been decent in cabinet. As would have been Rajotte. Ken Epp's been slammed down by my honorable colleagues, and Mike Lake needs to prove himself.

Just don't you dare call Goldring an "excellent MP" ever again.

daveberta said...

"skilled with a shovel"

heh heh.

For clarification sake: we don't have much use for him and don't think he has been a very effective MP.

Anonymous said...

John Williams is a blowhard.