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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ted morton's stumping...

Foothills-Rockyview MLA, Firewall letter signatory, and Alberta PC Leadership candidate Ted Morton spoke to a crowd of 130 people last Friday at a leadership campaign dinner in the Town of Cochrane.

Here's a bit of it from the Cochrane Times...

In what turned out to be a night that just reinforced the support of Conservatives in Foothills-Rockyview area, Morton explained his platform of ideas that he wanted people to keep in mind when it comes time to vote for the next premier of Alberta, which at the very latest, will be in 2009, but is likely to be sooner.

“There are new challenges for our new century,” he said. “They require new ideas and new leaders.”

To which he received applause and nods among the audience.

Morton’s main challenge he believes must be faced, is that Alberta receive a “fair deal” in Ottawa.

While he explained that Alberta alienation could be far in the past, with the selection of the new prime minister, Stephen Harper, as his riding is in fact, in Calgary Southwest, he said choosing him would further the process.

Yes, Albertans will feel less alienated with a nutbar like Morton as Premier... sure...


Barrelman said...

So, is it wrong that when I go to Ted's site and see that picture of him on horseback, I think "Brokeback Mountain", or is it merely cliched at this point?

Anonymous said...

Morton is nuts. He feels that no matter what Alberta does.. unless he's in Ottawa, Alberta will be alienated. I had Morton as a professor at the UofC for a PoliSci class about the Charter.. the class was so lame nobody took it and about half of nobody dropped out.