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Thursday, March 23, 2006

bye bye lyle?

The Alberta Tory caucus is holding an emergency caucus meeting today following what shall now be known as the "Prince Oberg threat" - Infrastructure and Transportation Minister and PC leadership candidate Lyle Oberg has threatened PC leader Ralph Klein.

Strong political whispers are saying that the Tory caucus is currently meeting as I blog to decide whether Oberg should be kicked out of the Tory caucus.

The Edmonton Journal reported on the Oberg incident, which occurred at a meeting of the PC Constituency Association in Strathmore-Brooks:

Oberg went on to say "there is a leadership vote coming up, and a week ago I was ready to come up here and say that you should support Ralph.

"Today I am going to stand here and say you must vote with your conscience. I will not stand here and say you must support Ralph."

Chronicle reporter Ryan Kiedrowski, 28, said at that point the constituency members burst into cheers and applause.

"When I take off the gloves, my gloves come off completely," Oberg continued. "Everything is fair ball now, everything is open. It's going to be very interesting what happens in the next while."

Oberg warned that "if I were the premier, I wouldn't want me sitting as a backbencher ... I know where all the skeletons are."

As well, Finance Minister Shirley McClellan was seen noticeably rushing out of her Finance Ministerial Breakfast to the emergency caucus meeting this morning after reportedly being 5 minutes late, skipping breakfast, and cutting her question and answer period short.

More soon...


Jim said...


This is pretty damn juicy. Keep us in the know...

Anonymous said...

To set the record straight after the fact. There was a regular caucus meeting Thursday in the monring. So Shirley wasn't "rushing" away from anything. She was going to the regularly scheduled caucus meeting. So your explanation as currently posted is BS.

Anonymous said...

why are Alberta Tories always so defensive about everything? What are they hiding?

Anonymous said...

Ok. The explaination was wrong. Nothing to hide. It was wrong.