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Sunday, March 19, 2006

look out! it's the conservative police!

One of the biggest pet peeves I have are people who take their blogging too seriously.

It now appears that blogrolls are not imune from these symptoms.

For example, Allie's blog was recently denied membership in the Blogging Tories by blogroll overlord Stephen Taylor because she has other political blogrolls listed on her blog, none of which she is a member.

Wow, seriously folks...



Anonymous said...

I have left comments on cherniak,red tory if you don't agree with them they delete your comments freedom of speech liberal style.

Anonymous said...

There are way, WAY more Liberal blogs that don't allow anonymous posters than Conservative ones.

I choose to remain anonymous for my own reasons. But its been my experience that often Liberal bloggers will attack an anonymous poster for being anonymous rather focusing on his or her message.

Glad to see this blog is the exception.

Anonymous said...

The Righty blogs are waaaay more censorious than the Lefty ones. By far. Everyone knows that.

Jim said...

Ooh, let's have a pissing match over which activist's blog hates freedom the most!!

daveberta said...

should I say thanks?

I think I will anyway... thanks.

daveberta said...

I generally only delete comments that are:

1/from spammers

2/overly offensive, but I generally tend to leave these for entertainment purposes.