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Friday, March 24, 2006

oberg jumping to the alliance?

K, it's from 630CHED, so the credibility of the article may be in question, but still...

Oberg to Alliance party?
Mar, 24 2006 - 12:10 PM

EDMONTON/630 CHED - The leader of the Alberta Alliance Party is throwing down the welcome mat for Lyle Oberg after he was ousted from the government caucus and stripped of his cabinet post.

Alliance Leader Paul Hinman says he's hearing rumours that Oberg is being urged by at least one of his supporters to join the Alliance, rather than sit as an independent.

Hinman says he doesn't condone Oberg speaking out against his own party, but the Alliance Leader says the former cabinet minister may want to challenge the government from the outside.

Hinman says he's also eager to talk with any other disenchanted government members who might want to cross the floor of the legislature and join the Alliance.


Anonymous said...

I think Lyle would only join if he got to be leader.

Anonymous said...

It would be the best thing to happen to the PC party.

Politics aside, Hinman comes across as a thoughtful, decent guy. One month with Oberg aboard, Hinman would probably end up publicly trying to strangle the good doctor.

Oberg is poison. Were you surprised to learn that smiling Phil, "the thrill" Mickelson was the most hated player by his peers on the PGA tour? Oberg was the clear-cut winner of that dubious distinction in the Alberta PC cabinet.

Ralph will probably take a short term hit on this, which is bad for him because the leadership vote is definately occurring in the short-term. The good news for Ralph is that those who don't like either guy, will hold their nose and vote for Ralph rather than give Oberg any credbility.

A month from now? Lyle Who.