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Sunday, April 09, 2006

citizen daveberta.

I just got back from what I can only describe as a wonderful reinvigorating weekend. More specifically, I spent last weekend at a Public Interest Alberta conference in Canmore discussion social policy with people from across Alberta.

It was wonderful to spend the weekend deep in discussion with other like-minded Albertans interested in keeping progressive public interest issues at the forefront of the minds of Albertans. I, not surprisingly, sat on the Post-Secondary Education taskforce working group with participants from CAFA, ACIFA, ABTC, NASA, and the AGC. (All fun people!)

It was really interesting to see all different types of Albertans from all different backgrounds converge a brainstorm ideas on how we can make Alberta a better place to live for all Albertans, not just the special interest groups that currently control the Alberta government.

As well, the nights festivities were fun. :-) I'll make sure to put up some pictures soon...

On a different note, Jason over at has done a wonderful job at liveblogging the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convergence in Edmonton this past weekend. Federal Liberal leadership candidates Gerard Kennedy, Martha Hall Findlay, Michael Ignatieff, Scott Brison, etc were all there hobnobbing. Also, make sure to check out the Idealistic Pragmatist for a recap of Kennedy's visit to the U of A Campus on Friday.

Though I'm sure the Edmonton Liberal lovefest was fun, I think I much preferred going to the mountains and discussing real public policy issues and advocacy strategies in a non-partisan productive environment. It was great.

Also, Metric is awesome.

PS. I've never seen Citizen Kane and don't have any idea what the picture is referring to. Anyone care to explain?


S.K. said...

You should watch citizen Kane, classic film noire, loosley based on William Randolph Hearst. Newspaper man starts out humble and good gets rich, gets powerful, gets corrupt, but dies alone and misses simpler times a.k.a. Rosebud. Orson Wells is slim and at his auteur best. 1941

Anonymous said...

I was at the Kennedy thing at the U of A on Friday and the guy was pretty good.

Seems like the best of the bunch so far.

Duncan said...

Citizen Kane is awesome. Kane is running for office in the picture, and just delivered the speech. And pictures? There were pictures? Am I in any of them?

daveberta said...

"And pictures? There were pictures? Am I in any of them?"

you better believe it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kane is giving a thumpin' bold speech during a rally for Governor, as he tries to unseat the uncouth and unethical incumbent Geddes. Of course, the campaign doesn't go the way the rich and once-principled Kane had hoped. As sb suggested, it truly is one of the best films ever made.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy AND Volpe made a good impression on me in long one on one conversations. Both personable, intelligent, and good ideas. Volpe is supportive of helping immigrants and improving the recognition of foreign credentials (which would help our healthcare system immensely). There is an anti Brison group in Alberta because of the people Brison has on his team. I talked to a lot of people who have nothing against him personally, but fear his supporters are up to no good.