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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

marking his territory.

It looks like former Tory Minister Mark Norris will be making an announcement today.

In 2001, Mark Norris was called a “giant-killer” for unseating then-Alberta Liberal leader Nancy MacBeth in Edmonton McClung. In 2004, Norris was “giant-killed” himself by Liberal Mo Elsalhy (sources tell me that Mr. Norris took a week off during the campaign to go on a golfing vacation).

Currently with no seat, Norris faces an uphill battle to prove his legitimacy as a candidate for the Alberta PC leadership.

In March, Norris shocked and confused many political watchers with his comment "Separation if necessary, but not necessarily separation" in regards to Alberta's place in Confederation. While he who wasn't exactly a beacon of political savvy during his time as Minister of Economic Development from 2001 to 2004, Norris was most likely trying to draw attention to himself, as he has no longer has a Ministerial PR budget to throw around.

(Props to the ONE PARTY STATE for the heads-up)

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Anonymous said...

His big announcement? "I'm running!" with a few vague policy ideas thrown in for good measure. "Alberta needs clear, realistic plans for its future," apparently. Oh, and education is good.

Perhaps if he becomes Premier he'll have another of these 'special announcements.' "Ladies and gentlemen," he'll begin. "This year we are going to have a budget." Gasps erupt from the cash bar.

Read his news release here:
(Actually, the only really interesting item is at the bottom).