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Monday, June 05, 2006

daveberta vs. the gta.

Well, I'm still here in Toronto for a conference.

Though the conference began with a pretty rough start in the first plenary session yesterday, I think things are slowly getting slightly smoother as the conference progresses.

Though I haven't really found the sessions all that useful, I've found it extremely positive for me to be able to meet with my peers from around Canada and engage them in conversation and idea sharing. That has been beneficial.

I went to a party on a boat on Lake Ontario last night - though it may sound Über-lame, two bottles of wine and four pints of beer later it wasn't that bad...


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Welcome to Trawna.

Drinking beer and wine make Lake Ontario look like the Caribbean. So, does drinking the actual water, but nobody wants to do that. :)

Gauntlet said...

Hey, Dave:

The riverboat in Winnipeg (CCSA two years ago) was better after the beers, too. I imagine toranna would take fewer beers, for some reason.

Dunkler said...

The beer on the riverboat was the only way to get rid of the metalic tasting chicken.

Anyway. Way to use student money well dave. Do Abboud proud and order a stripper on your SU Visa.