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Thursday, July 27, 2006

ann coutler is gay.

A couple of things...

- Ann Coulter thinks Bill Clinton is gay because he has a lot of hetrosexual sex. Makes perfect sense to me.

- Political convention extraveganza! Kevin Taft's Alberta Liberals had a sucessful policy convention in June, the Alberta Greens had their convention the same weekend, the Alberta New Democrats will be having a convention in October, and the Alberta PC's will be having their leadership convention in November(ish). Not that this is huge news, political parties have political onventions, but just a note.

- Political guru Ken Chapman has started a blog. Chapman is close with the Dave Hancock Campaign for the Alberta PC leadership and was also a campaign strategist for former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan in Edmonton Centre. Thanks to Allie for pointing me towards Ken's blog.

- CalgaryGrit is having an amazing summer contest. Check it out!

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