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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

zachary miller found.

2006-08-01 15:00

Zachary Miller Found

Mid afternoon today, a resident of the Kipling area located an abandoned van matching the description of the suspect vehicle in the Saskatchewan Amber Alert. As this person was investigating the vehicle, 10-year-old Zachary Miller ran out from a building on the property which appears to be an abandoned farm. It is believed Peter Whitmore and Jordan Bruyere are in one of the buildings. A perimeter has been set-up and the RCMP emergency response team is heading to the area. We will release more information as it is available.


for further information:

Sgt. Tammy Patterson
RCMP Media Relations
"F" Division
(306) 780-6178

Click here for more details on this story. Obviously this story is still evolving.


S.K. said...

Well that's wonderfuland I hope this little boy hasn't been harmed. I also hope the teenager can be taken without harm to him. THer recidivism rate is so high among pedophiles especially repeat offenders, one really does have to question why this man isn't declared a dangerous offender and incarcerated forever. its not about rehabilitation or paying for ones crimes or a deterent at this point. It's about protecting our children from harm at this man's hands.

Anonymous said...

More proof of the Liberal Justice system working.That low life piece of human garbage should have never seen the light of day ten years ago.Steve wants to introduce mandatory sentences but the libs and ndp will howl in protest,Peter will be out of jail in a year or two,Iam so glad we don't have the three strikes your out rule like the evil U.S.A. how primitive and unenlightened,and the cost of building extra prisons is so expensive.Lefty clowns.

Jim said...

Three strikes = bad
Tougher laws on pedophiles = good

You don't necessarily need the first to satisfy the second.