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Saturday, September 30, 2006

bobo digswell of tuckborough

Is my hobbit name.

What's yours?

(Props to Nastyboy for the linkage.)


c-lo said...

Call me " Soibo Pickthorn of Nobottle"

kenchapman said...

Henceforth I shall be:
Sarry Noakes , Mayor of the Shire

Anonymous said...

Rogrin 'Proudfoot' Sandyman of Nobottle here.

I ran Ted Morton through the generator. His elven name is "Alorka the Heavy-Handed". I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Michael Ignatieff - Bebo Archer, Ring-finder

Gerard Kennedy - Merogo 'Proudneck' Goldworthy , Ring-bearer

Bob Rae - Meruppi Parks , Master of Buckland

Stephane Dion - Meruppi 'Proudfoot' Parks , Warden of Westmarch

Joe Volpe - Meroppi Handyman of Westmarch