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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

klein giving his two months today.

Tory Premier Ralph Klein is said to be sending in his letter of resignation today. Also, in Red Deer, the Alberta PC establishment is expected to gather and announce the final rules for the replacement race for Mr. Klein.

Will the rules be fair? Will the rules be transparent? Will the rules be accountable?

I guess we'll find out today.


kenchapman said...

Yes the rules will be fair and transparent. As for openness - not so much. Most candidates made it clear they will disclose campaign contributions and expenses. Dr. Morton was clear on disclosing the expense side of his campaign but vague on the contribution side. Could it be that some religious groups are big contributors? If so are they jeopardizing their charitable status as a result?

No proof - only suspicion but why was the good Doctor so vague about this at the St. Albert forum?

Jim said...

If only we had some kind of provincial apparatus analogous to the U.S. FEC that would make full public disclosure of donations over $200 mandatory.

But I don't expect to get that in a province where secrecy is the best policy put forth by the unaccountable Tory ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

As well as Morton's supoport from the Christian Right, Albertans should be very suspect of "Toronto Jim" Dinning's support from Big Oil and Mark Norris' support from the old establishment business elite.