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Thursday, September 21, 2006

let's go!

The 2006 Canadian Blogging Awards are coming up! As some of you may remember, this blog placed a strong second in the 2005 Best Personal Blog category against the wonderful Samantha Burns (the final result was 248-245).

Here is the timeline set out for the 2006 competition:

Nominations Open: Monday October 2, 2006
Nominations Close: Sunday November 12, 2006
Round 1 Voting Opens: Wednesday November 15, 2006
Round 1 Voting Closes: Tuesday November 21, 2006
Round 1 Results: Thursday November 23, 2006
Round 2 Voting Opens: Saturday November 25, 2006
Round 2 Voting Closes: Friday December 1, 2006
Round 2 Results: Sunday December 3, 2006 9pm EST
So, *cough* feel free to nominate this blog on October 2nd...


Gauntlet said...

Hmm.. Round two voting closes on December 3. Isn't that the day the federal leadership convention is expected to have selected a new leader? And isn't that the day after the provincial progressive conservatives are supposed to have selected a new leader? I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Robert McBean. said...

you got my vote dude.