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Thursday, October 26, 2006

more skeletons!

Our good friend Dr. Lyle Oberg is looking for skeletons again. This week, Oberg announced that he was going to hold a press conference while promising the media "blood" with allegations that another candidate was planning "dirty tricks" against poor old Lyle.

It turned out to be a sham. The media showed up. Oberg quickly backed off. Graham Thomson from the Edmonton Journal has a great recap of Oberg's political tactless press conference yesterday. Here is a clip of it...

Oberg overplayed his hand. He promised us “blood” on Wednesday — but then looked foolish when he said he had evidence of “misconduct” but wouldn’t reveal either the evidence or the candidate.

All he managed to do was smear the other seven campaigns while making himself once again look like a fool (remember his “I know where the skeletons are” comment in March which led to his ejection from government caucus for four months -- and he still hasn’t named any government scandals).

He should have cancelled Wednesday news conference until he could give reporters something other than innuendo.

His performance called into question his judgement.

Calling a news conference on Thursday to rehash the affair and release the document (which managed to find its way to the news media anyway on Wednesday) called into question his campaign’s desperation.

Oberg shot himself in the mouth — where his foot happened to be.
Well put, Graham.


Anonymous said...

Those are some silly looking skeletons. Oberg's gotta be feeling pretty silly too.

I found a blog you might be interested in following the race, it's located at

Allie Wojtaszek said...

And I thought Norris was the Drama Queen!

Don't really know what he was thinking here, promising "Blood letting" et all... But one thing is for sure, if this is the quality of Dr. Oberg's other percieved "Skeletons" then I don't think anyone has anything to worry about when looking in the closet.

Interestingly enough, this should raise concern regarding what type of Leader or Premier Dr. Oberg might end up to be. Seems he has an over active imagination and a tendency to be mean - a bully perhaps? Or the Bogey man?

Anonymous said...

The silver lining in this Keystone cops episode (I hope) is that this has should solidify in peoples' minds the inadequacy of Oberg's candidacy.

Quick Star Wars joke:
If Dr. Oberg was a Jedi, his name would be "Obi-Whine".

Anonymous said...

Dr. Oberg was on CBC radio this morning trying to defend his actions in recent days. He didn't fair so well.

Ron @ CBC: "Would you say your credability has taken a hit over this?"

Lyle Oberg: "Yes, I would have to say it definitely has".


Can we just have a seperate ballot now, to determine whether Oberg or Ted Morton will be the next Alberta Alliance leader? We know neither of em is becoming the PC one...

Anonymous said...

Initially I was worried that Dinning might (undeservedly) get some sympathy votes. Now I am not so sure. Even though Oberg made a food of himself, Dinning's comments were not as smooth as I would have expected.

Anonymous said...

Not really part of this thread, but looks like Stelmach got another MLA onside. Mel Knight (Grande Prairie, I believe).