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Monday, November 06, 2006

daveberta calls the US mid-terms.

So, the U.S. mid-term elections are tomorrow and in celebration of the greatest democracy ever to exist on this fair planet of ours, I'm going to lay down some solid hard predictions on some of the Senate races up for grabs tomorrow on Tuesday the 7th of November this 2006.

My predictions:

House of Representatives
Democratic - 225
Republican - 210

Republican - 50
Democratic - 48
Independent - 2 (Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, and Bernie Saunders in Vermont)

Here are some of the serious races in the Senate with my predictions...


x-Jon Kyl (R) - 56%
Jim Pederson (D) - 42%

x-Joe Lieberman (I) - 51%
Ned Lamont (D) - 43%
Alan Schlesinger (R) - 6%

Ben Cardin (D) - 57%
Michael Steele (R) - 43%

Amy Klobuchar (D) - 62%Mark Kennedy (R) - 38%

Claire McCaskill (D) - 49%
x-Jim Talent (R) - 48%

Jon Tester (D) - 50%
x-Conrad Burns (R) - 48%

New Jersey
x-Robert Menendez (D) - 52%
Tom Kean Jr. (R) - 48%

Sherrod Brown (D) - 53%
x-Mike DeWine (R) - 47%

Bob Casey (D) - 55%
x-Rick Santorum (R) - 45%

Rhode Island
Sheldon Whitehouse (D) - 53%
x-Lincoln Chafee (R) - 47%

Bob Corker (R) - 52%
Harold Ford Jr. (D) - 48%

x-George Allen (R) - 51%
James Webb (D) - 49%

x-Maria Cantwell (D) - 57%
Mike McGavick (R) - 43%

How far am I close or off the mark? I'm looking forward to finding out tomorrow night!


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I didn't give as detailed a predictions as you, but I more or less predicted the same outcome. I think the Democrats taking the House is far more of a certainty than them taking the Senate.

Jim said...

I think you're close, but probably a little TOO enthusiastic for Klobuchar and not quite enthusiastic enough for Sherrod Brown.

I also think that Webb will pull it off, although it will be close. Allen went for the desperate ploy of attacking Webb for racy scenes from his novels, and when Webb countered back noting that one of those novels is on the reading list for the Marine Corps, it really looked ridiculous on for Allen team. I'm really sensing that Webb will close similarly to Tim Kaine's come-from-behind Gubernatorial victory in 2005. The polls are almost all coming down in Webb's favor now.

TN will probably be closer to 54-46 Corker, and Kyl-Pederson may be a little closer than what you have, but overall not too bad.

Anonymous said...

These are days when I miss working in a political environment *sigh*

Lamont is going to take Connecticut. Lieberman's support of the Iraq war really put him on the bad side of a lot of Dems, and I don't think he's in favor with enough Republicans to sneak through the middle.

I also think that Casey might take PA with a bit more than 55% over Santorum, and if early reports are any indication, McCaskill is going to go down to Talent due to malfunctioning electronic voting machines (see Wonkette for more info).

I love election predictions :-)