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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it's cold outside.

Edmonton: Windchill -40C

It's really really cold!


Anonymous said...

BRRR... it's crazy out there.

ottlib said...

Yes but it is a dry cold.

Anonymous said...

This @$*&! city/province, it's always COLD. Why couldn't the dinosaurs have all died somewhere that would still be hot?!?

Bring on global warming, I sez.

Kevrichard said...

ah and this morning I had my jacket open and had a leisurely walk.... everything was good. Oh right we're talking about Edmonton not Toronto :P. Yeah the Prairie winter been there,done that ( for 10 years) it sucks so I feel for you guys. Hopefully it warms up to -20 soon lol.

Anonymous said...

I remember the long, windy walks home along Saskatchewan Drive from the U. of A. (in the dark and it was only 5:00 p.m.).

Jim said...

Today was great in Edmonton! Felt like it was -5C. A HUGE improvement, and I relished being able to walk to my classes without a hat on and a scarf wrapped around my face.