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Monday, December 11, 2006

ed stelmach's musical chairs.

By Friday December 15, 2006 Albertans should know for sure what the face of the first Ministry of Premier Ed Stelmach's Tory government will look like.

As Ed Stelmach is such an unknown political quantity for many Albertans (even many political folks) the MLA's in his cabinet will define what many Albertans will see as a first impression, it will be very important to see who gets which cabinet portfolio. Here is my predictions on who is in and who is out in the first cabinet of PC Premier Ed Stelmach:

New to Cabinet:
Ray Danyluk (Lac La Biche-St. Paul)
Mary Anne Jablonski (Red Deer North)
Mel Knight (Grande Prairie-Smoky)
Ted Morton (Foothills-Rockyview)
Lloyd Snelgrove (Vermilion-Lloydminster)

Staying In Cabinet:
Pearl Calahasen (Lesser Slave Lake)
Clint Dunford (Lethbridge West)
Iris Evans (Sherwood Park)
Yvonne Fritz (Calgary Cross)
Doug Horner (Spruce Grove-Sturgeon-St. Albert)
Gary Mar (Calgary Nose Hill)
Greg Melchin (Calgary North West)
Luke Oullette (Innisfail-Sylvan Lake)
Rob Renner (Medicine Hat)
Ron Stevens (Calgary Glenmore)

Back in Cabinet:
Ed Stelmach - duh (Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville)
Dave Hancock (Edmonton Whitemud)
Lyle Oberg (Strathmore-Brooks)

Out of Cabinet:
Guy Boutilier (Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo)
Mike Cardinal (Athabasca-Redwater)
Harvey Cenaiko (Calgary Buffalo)
David Coutts (Livingstone-Macleod)
Denis Ducharme (Bonnyville-Cold Lake)
Heather Forsyth (Calgary Fish Creek)
Gordon Graydon (Grande Prairie-Wapiti)
Denis Herard (Calgary Egmont)
Ty Lund (Rocky Mountain House)
Shirley McClellan (Drumheller-Stettler)
Barry McFarland (Little Bow)
George VanderBurg (Whitecourt-Ste. Anne)
Gene Zwozdesky (Edmonton Mill Creek)

Tune in Tomorrow to see my very own predictions on who will get which chair at the cabinet table...


Anonymous said...

Clint Dunford has been too sick (lung cancer I believe?) to perform his ministerial duties for some time now. Ralph kept him on as a friendly gesture, however I doubt the new premier will feel the same gesture is required. I think Mr. Dunford will be out.

Taking Ty Lund out of cabinet would be a great move, the man is ineffective and belligerent, however I doubt Mr. Stelmach has the cahones to actually remove Mr. Lund.

Anonymous said...

"...however I doubt Mr. Stelmach has the cahones to actually remove Mr. Lund".

Why do you think that Ed wouldn't move Ty out? Because Ed is a "nice guy"? IMHO, Ed didn't win just because he was a nice guy - he won because he is a good campaigner, and was underestimated - by your comments, sounds like things haven't changed. Ty is a spent force anyway, and he shuld be put out to pasture.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you leave Harvey Cenaiko out of cabinet. Calgary Buffalo is considered to be a Liberal Seat, I am sure Ed would love to keep this seat away from the Grits.

Anonymous said...

Dave - I see you project an 18 member Cabinet. I expect 20 will be the final tally.

Please tell us how you see the portfolios re-jigged tomorrow as well.

Your "outs" are a bit off I think. Cenaiko, Coutts and Ducharme will stay.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Calahasen for Treasurer! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Dunford will stay in cabinet because Stelmach will need representation from southeast Alberta and Lethbridge. Unless he can convince Paul Hinman to join cabinet (which isn't out of the realm of posibility) Dunford will probably be a good choice until the next election. This is assuming Dunford wants to stay in cabinet.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Cenaiko will stay.

"Steve Smith" said...

Unless I'm blind, Denis Herard is conspicuously absent from all of your lists.

Anonymous said...


You wouldn't be Denis, would you? ;-)

Duncan said...

No comment on the last comment, but I think that Denis Herard will be left out of the new cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Mary Anne Jablonski is a great pick -- I'm guessing she'll take over Children's Services from Forsyth if she is in fact bumped from cabinet.

I would sincerely hope, though that Gary Mar is not allowe back at the cabinet table. If there needs to be Calgary representation, please let it come from Harvey Cenaiko (although he may not prove all that versatile)