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Friday, December 22, 2006

tip o' the hat to the ol' hydro electrical autobus.

Linda Duncan is making a move to once again become the NDP flagbearer in Edmonton Strathcona. In 2006, Duncan placed an extremely strong second to Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer. Depending on the strength of the Liberal candidate, Duncan again stands a decent running chance at potentially scooping the riding for the Dippers (though I tend to believe that 2006 may have been a high water mark for the NDP in Edmonton Strathcona - we'll see soon).

Here are the 2006 results...

Rahim Jaffer, Conservative - 21,956
Linda Duncan, NDP - 17,142
Andy Hladyshevsky, Liberal - 9385
Cameron Wakefield, Green - 3,128
Mike Fedeyko, PC – 604
Dave Dowling, MP – 455
Kevan Hunter, ML - 106
It should also be interesting to see how strong the Green Party will be in Edmonton Strathcona next time around. 2004 & 2006 Green candidate Cameron Wakefield performed well in the last election and now with Elizabeth May as leader I believe the Greens will have an opportunity to surge (especially if Elizabeth May is allowed to join the national leaders debates!)

And I thought this was pretty cool Edmonton Transit System (ETS) now has two Hybrid Electric buses...
Two diesel-electric hybrid buses went into service in Edmonton on Mon, Dec 18. The buses are manufactured by Mississauga’s Orion Bus Industries, a division of DaimlerChrysler, and are designed to use as little as 50 per cent of the fuel burned up by traditional diesel buses in optimal operating condition.
ADDITION: I am very pleased to see that Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel has announced that he will be running for re-election in October 2007.


Anonymous said...

Hydro electric vs hyrid = big difference

Epcor could claim the Edmonton LRT is run totally on Hydro however (since they have some small scale hydro)

daveberta said...

*cough* changed. Thanks.

Though you have to admit, Hydro Electric cars would be pretty cool...

Anonymous said...

I agree that it should be interesting to see how Environentally strong NDP candidates like Duncan fare in the face of a potential Green surge.

I supported Linda Duncan in 2006 and will be voting for her again!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Linda Duncan last time around, but it will be hard to do so again. Not because she is not a good candidate - she is - but because I am hugely disappointed in the NDP and Jack Layton.

That said, she is probably the best chance we have for unseating Jaffer, and that cannot happen soon enough for me. This might be another one of those elections when I hold my nose and vote for the ABC party.


Jim said...

I dunno, I think she'll have a much harder time than she did in January. With the Liberals thoroughly punished and a new face at the helm, I suspect that some of their traditional support will return to them here in Strathcona, which is going to come directly out of the NDP's hide.

I strongly suspect the NDP and Liberal support will even out and Jaffer will sail off scot free once again.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Duncan. Not for the NDP, not for Jack Layton, but for Duncan. She would be a kick-ass MP, and the ONLY choice for REAL environmentalists. With increased visability going into the election this time she might just be able to pull it off, but it's going to take a lot of work. I hope she has a really good campaign team. Is the NDP in Strathcona strong enough to pull that together? I guess we'll see.

Anonymous said...

trent said: I agree that it should be interesting to see how Environentally strong NDP candidates like Duncan fare in the face of a potential Green surge.

In the last election, Edmonton Strathcona was the only riding in Alberta where the Green vote went down. So I'd say she did pretty well in the last green surge.

Duncan is a full blooded environmentalist. Her whole career has been dedicated to green issues. She is the green candidate in Strathcona, and that's why the GP vote dropped in the one riding you'd think they would clean up in.

Duncan has the green cred, and she obviously thinks Layton does too. She'll get my vote in the next election, and I suspect a lot of other votes too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think she would be great. I especially like how last time she said she was running for the NDP because the Green party are too fiscally conservative.

I think that she may increase her vote this time, no matter what the liberals do, because many people want Jaffer out. The problem has always been trying to figure out whether to vote liberal or NDP to do so - now everyone knows they must vote NDP, and so they probably will.

(I still wish they would get rid of Layton though...)