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Monday, January 29, 2007

ed's back to the bible hour?

Not that I have a problem with men of faith, but I couldn't help but think of Social Credit Premiers "Bible" Bill Aberhart and Ernest Manning's Back to the Bible Radio Hour when I read about this.

Also, what happened to all those $5,000 donations? Yes, those donations.


Anonymous said...

I still have calluses on my forehead from whumping it into a wall because people were astounded and amazed at the 'grassroots' party springing up called "Reform" with some unknown guy...outta its leader. What was his name...Manning...surely I heard it before...associated yes..Social Credit. A son you say? astounding. Not like real politicians at all.

That was about the point I became convinced to my bones they DO NOT TEACH ALBERTAN history in this province, and there's something in the water.

Honestly, if Harper is running anything in's the Social Credit party. Just look back to the Alberta phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

"Not that I have problem with men of faith but..." kind of says where you stand.

He went to church. Good. That the media chose to write about it is their choice. I didn't see a press release on

I'm puzzled. Why do you take a harmless or positive story, and post it only to allow yourself a sequeway into a negative piece about "missing donations"?

If you are looking for a donation story, what about the donations James Patterson (head of Telecaster) made to the Federal Liberal Party? Considering that Patterson heads what should be a non-partisan office and oversees what is "ok" with respect to TV advertising (including political ads) and what is not - now that is news.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the old bait and switch. "Why say bad things about the provincial Tories who are in power when you can complain about the fed Liberals that are not!"

Well, because of just that. Most of us are far more interested in the ongoings of our elected leaders. At this point that means Steady Eddie and Fatass Harper. The fact that you are seemingly a Tory hack doesn't change that Mr Anon.

Be happy that bloggers like Daveberta care were Ed goes to church... if they didn't, it would mean your side had lost an election.

Anonymous said...

The old bait and switch. Yes, that is exactly what the original posting was about, and what elicited my criticism. Starting with "Ed goes to church" and ending with "where are those nasty donations?". Thanks for reinforcing my point, Mr. Only-Slightly-Less-Anonymous "justaguy".

But I get it now. If you are not in power, you can do no wrong. If you are in power, it is all your fault, even for items that occurred before your watch (ala federal Environment Ministry). Appreciate the education. If Dion wins the next election, I'll look forward to the same scathing criticism of his daily adventures. And an update on how he is paying off HIS large campaign debts.

And we wonder why many blogs have degenerated into xenophobic "us-versus-them" collections of rants. Dave's blog was better... at least it used to be. But then again, I am just some Tory hack.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Tory Hack,

Maybe you haven't been reading Dave's blog for long, but if you had you would have seen that he is not a Liberal hack and has shoveled a decent amount of criticism on the Federal Liberals. He also didn't vote Liberal in the last election.


Michael in Calgary

Anonymous said...

wow. seems like the church crowd is a little sensitive.

And what did "Honest Ed" do with those $5000 donations to the exclusive reception?

Anonymous said...

I must be writing in a different language. I clearly said "Dave's blog was better". It is just lately that commentary has been consistently negative provincially... and I can't figure out why. Some deep-seated animosity toward Stelmach? Didn't see it before the PC Leadership Race was over.

Anonymous said...


I refuse to be part of the anonymous Peanut Gallery that tries to parse your every post to identify your utterly unreasonable bias against Conservatives, Liberals, tattoo artists, sasquatches, or whomever. But I do admit I'm a little confused by your opening paragraph. Are you suggesting that Alberta premiers are unusually religious? Are you insinuating that Premier Stelmach might try to use his faith to guide his decision making? I don't see the connection, or if I do see a connection, I don't see the relevance.

I'm as halfheartedly atheist as the next postmodern technocrat, but I don't see the big deal in Ed going to church. And if I could be allowed to participate in the inter-anonymous poster mud slinging for just a second, I also don't see a lot of tolerance or utility in snarky phrases like "church crowd."

Anonymous said...

When I read this, I couldn't help but think of that Baptist Minister Tommy Douglas.

The second point you bring up is valid. Someone should really get on explaining this.

Unknown said...

I think it's great that Premier Ed went to church. But I don't understand why it's a news story.

re: the $5000.The problem wasn't the money, it was the access it was buying. If he backed off the access, and kept the money with approval from the donors, then there's no problem left. Call me naive, but I think the whole scheme was an honest mistake on Ed's part.

So, if we're looking for people of faith to be pure and spotless then we'll be waiting for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Ed also went to celebrate 100 years of a synagogue in Edmonton later that night. I don't see anyone claiming that he is going to be riding a "pro-Israeli" agenda ;-)

daveberta said...

I don't have a problem with Premier Stelmach going to church, it was just that Bible Bill was the first thing I thought of when I saw the news article about it. Also, I'm not sure that him going to church is actually a news story.

Anonymous said...


You have probably seen this already, but here goes:

Herald, Sun columnists Stelmach's media handlers ( )

Maybe the administration needs a resident blogger? Are you up for it?