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Monday, January 01, 2007

a new year resolution for 2007.

Happy New Year!

In an upcoming year sure to be filled to the brim with tough political decisions (a potential Spring 2007 Federal Election, a set October 2007 Alberta Municipal Election, and a potential 2007 Provincial Election) I challenge all Canadians to be extra vigilant and use your political citizenship to its fullest.

I challenge all Canadians to buck the trend of lower political participation and to look at democracy broader than simply voting in elections. Participation in democracy is a much broader and important act than simply showing up to vote every four years (or one or two in recent years). I challenge all Canadians to live up to their citizenship and participate in our civil society.

Be an advocate.

Read and learn more about the issues facing your community, your province, your county, and your world. Use the time in between elections to learn more about and develop your opinions on issues.

Challenge the status quo. Challenge assumptions. Ask questions!

Challenge your elected representatives to do better.

Engage your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and classmates in discussion. Talk.

Write a letter to your School Trustee, Mayor, City Councillor, MLA, MP. Write a letter to the editor. Start a petition. Start a blog.

Join or start a community group, a discussion group, a book club, a philosopher’s café. Volunteer.

Get passionate! Get loud! Get engaged! Encourage others to get engaged!

Don’t take your Canadian citizenship for granted. Participate in your democracy to your fullest. Challenge others to participate to their fullest!

Be a leader!


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Let 2007 be the year of being better and doing more!

All of us here obviously care enough about the world we live in to be here (instead of, for example, reading pseudo-celebrity gossip). Let us be the catalyst and an example for our friends, families and coworkers to do the same.

Have a great 2007 everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hope your holiday was relaxing and enjoyable Dave.

I love the sentiment in this posting. I have committed to writing a book this year - working title "How to be a Citizen."

I am discovering in the Blogging and in the recent PC leadership how little people really know about civics, civil society and their rights ... and responsibilities as citizens in a democracy.

Your posting inspires me!