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Thursday, April 05, 2007


The blogsphere is abuzz about Speaker Ken Kowalski's decision to eject Liberal MLA Bharat Agnihotri from the Alberta Legislature this week...

From Speaker to Speaker
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MLA Tossed from Legislature for Questioning Government
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transparent and honest and accountable...tory style
Alberta Tories Eject Liberal For Asking Too Many Questions

And the media buzz...

Alberta Liberal kicked out of legislature for questioning grant funds
Fireworks at the Alberta Legislature
Grit MLA Turfed
Alberta Liberal MLA tossed from Legislature
Booted MLA says sorry
MLA apologizes, allowed back into Legislature


Glen said...

Come on snowball....come on....

kenchapman said...

Dave - The Enlightened Savage has done the best job of putting the entire issue and events in context.

This was a legit question on the grants policy but to insinuate there was corruption linked to PC leadership campaign contributions without any evidence is something we would expect from Stephen Harper not the Liberal Party of Alberta.

He deserved the boot - he was even given 3 chances by the Speaker to do the right thing and withdraw the comment/question.

A 24 hour turn around from abject refusal to withdraw to a public apology says it all about just how principled the so called "hero" position was that he took.

I see the original question is being treated seriously and the Minister is doing a review to see what happened around the out of scope grants and if anything has to be done about them specifically and in policy reform.

Too bad the Liberals overplayed their hand in such a "bush" league way and forfeited the high ground on a serious policy question.

Note to the Liberals - Stelmach is not Klein - he appreciates and values good governance - and that is a good thing.

Glen said...


If Stelmach appreciates good governance, explain this too me - the Calgary Herald, the bastion of PC support in Calgary (next to the Sun and QR77)
questioning Tory ethics

Anonymous said...

Glen - because Dinning lost!!!

Anonymous said...


And Jim Dinning is no ethical white knight. Go back in history and check the record.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Dave. :)

Anonymous said...

An opposition mla asks a tough question and gets kicked out.

Grow up Kowalski. This is supposed to be a democracy.