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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

note to self.

I'm wondering if this is what Ed Stelmach's notebook looks like...

Note to self- if the going gets rough, blame market forces!

(I wish I were the one who came up with this, but I stole it from someone far more intelligent than I. I'm sure she won't mind.)


Anonymous said...

And I'm sure an economic downturn would do wonders for his polling numbers.

Steve V said...

This has to be the first time on record, where a leader has blamed his fate on too much prosperity. It's not easy have stuffed government coffers you know.

Oxford County Liberals said...


Sorry to be off topic, but you might wanna check your feed settings in Blogger. I believe you've got it set to send it as a "Summary" when what you want to do is set it to "Full". That way, we'll get more then your title at Prog Blog when our feed reader gets it.

calgarygrit said...

Yes, traditionally a good economy is murder on a politician's polling numbers.

I'm sure Ed's keeping his fingers crossed for a drop in the price of oil.