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Monday, May 28, 2007

warnings have been issued!

I thought this was a pretty smart ad on Alberta's affordable housing crisis and the provincial Tory government's lack of action on the issue. Credit goes to Dave Sawchuk and Q99 FM Radio in Grande Prairie for doing this one up.

Props to the daveberta reader who sent this my way.


Anonymous said...

Great post. When the insurance companies wwanted to increase profits to obscene levels the Tories elgislated changes to the market. Renters are suffering and the suddenly doctrinaire Tories don't want to interfere in the marketplace. I guess the little guy knows where he stands with Specail Ed.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you about the hockey's theme song. it should stay. i could be aging myself but that was a big part for me when i was growing up. dad and i sitting down on a saturday night watching hockey. he's gone now. time for a petition. signed another hockey nut.