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Thursday, June 21, 2007

and it's only thursday.

What a week...

- Tory Education Minister Ron Liepert claims poverty. Finance Minister Lyle Oberg announces an $8.5 Billion surplus. For some reason, Liepert's argument sounds more ludicrous today than it did yesterday...

- The Edmonton Journal Editorial Board rebutted Ed Stelmach in today's editorial:

Stephen Mandel is right and Ed Stelmach is wrong. Edmontonians don't need a plebiscite on new taxation powers. They need politicians with the courage to make decisions on this and other questions, to explain and defend those decisions to a skeptical public, and to be held responsible for them at election time.

In short, they need politicians who are more willing to do the difficult parts of the job for which they are paid.

In Stelmach's case, one is tempted to note that a politician who has yet to subject his own premiership to a popular vote has a lot of nerve lecturing the mayor of Edmonton on the wisdom of seeking popular endorsement for his tax ideas.
- The House of Commons sheds a layer: Myron Thompson, Bill Graham, Michel Gauthier, Jean Lapierre, Jim Peterson and is about to make an unfortunate addition.

- Ted Morton wants to raise the drinking age from 18 to 19 years-old to cut down on crime and violence. I'd love to see Ted Morton's data that shows it's the 18 years-olds causing all the trouble, and not the rig pigs in town for a weekend romp.

- And finally, it wouldn't be an election in Alberta without a crazy wingnut: enter Bill Whatcott.


Glen said...

Bill Whatcott needs to stop refering to Bill Whatcott in the third person.

Mike B. said...

"I'd love to see Ted Morton's data that shows it's the 18 years-olds causing all the trouble, and not the rig pigs in town for a weekend romp."


What would be better is to not allow adults to drink between 22 and 25 years of age. But we're not going to do that are we? So why discriminate against 18 yr old adults? To "keep it out of the high schools" as Morton says. Because we all hear about the drunken high school students don't we? No we don't.

Read my blog about more on this "issue".

kenlister1 said...

house of commons sheds a layer:
add Williams and Epp
dont forget incoming Fortier!

gpconservative said...

"rig pig"
Urban Dictionary defines it as:
An oilpatch worker who has more money than brains. Usually are prolific alcoholics, drug abusers and whores. Most drive full size domestic pickups with a lift kit and big mud tires.

Or this one:
"Oilfield Trash"

Good job insulting a large portion of Albertans and inciting hate against "rig pigs" by blaming them for crime.
Who's the wingnut?

daveberta said...

`hate?` I don`t know how you got `hate` out of my post.

I was simply suggesting that raising the drinking age to 19 won`t solve the problem of bar violence because I don`t think it`s the 18 year olds causing most of the problems. It wouldn`t be an effective policy.