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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

commissioner to investigate aeub.

As Ed Stelmach and Mel Knight continue to defend the AEUB for its hiring of four private investagators to spy on Albertans and their lawyers in Rimbey, Information and Privacy Commissioner Frank Work has opened an investigation into the AEUB scandal.

Meanwhile, the angry letters continue to roll into the newspapers.


Anonymous said...

Where's Sheila Fraser when you need her?

Ed Stelmach is not a Leader.

Anonymous said...

And as the thread continues to unravel, Unsteady Eddie and the gang continue to bask in their mediocrity. Brilliant.

Premier Kevin Taft is sounding better every day.

Anonymous said...

There should be an RCMP investigation into this behavior.

I wonder what else the RCMP would find - who else is the AUEB spying on?

What other kind of illicit actions have they taken on the taxpayers dime?

How much taxpayers dollars did they pay these private spys?

Why did the AUEB not allow an elected MLA into a public hearing?

Why do Ed Stelmach and Mel Knight agree that it's a-okay for Albertans taxdollars to be used to hire private investigators to spy on Albertans?

Is there more to this story that Ed Stelmach does not want Albertans to know?

Call in the RCMP!

docsanchez said...

Prediction: the Commissioner will come back and say it perhaps was inappropriate but not illegal. And nothing will change.

Because that's how our provincial government has worked for years.

Of course if they do decide to change I'll say it's because they are panicking at the prospect they might lose the next election. Which sadly, would be true too.

Why can't the PCs just do the right thing because its the right thing to do?