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Monday, June 25, 2007

where are the rolling heads?

As Ed Stelmach continues to defend the AEUB, Tory Minister Mel Knight is refusing to discipline anyone in the AEUB for hiring four private investigators to spy on a group of Alberta farmers and their lawyers.

"They discussed in hindsight that some of the things could have been handled differently and will be using this as a learning opportunity for the future. There will be no disciplinary measures at this time,” Knight's spokesman Jason Chance said.
So, a provincially appointed tax-payer funded public body hired four private investigators to spy on ordinary Albertans and it's a "learning experience?"

There are no repercussions?

No heads are going to roll?

No "review" of security policies?
"There are some very obvious security threats to oil and gas production and we shouldn't discount that, but that is a totally different matter from public engagement in hearings," said Lois Harder, a specialist in Canadian politics. "The effort to keep insisting this is a security issue is a ruse.”

"It's trumped up."

Democracy in Alberta just took another shot, Harder said.

"It's very clear that if there is a threat of violence you call the police, not a private investigator who has no power to stop a threat of violence," Harder said.
This would have been a perfect opportunity for Ed Stelmach to step up and lead by saying that this type of behavior is unacceptable. Instead, he towed the AEUB line. Albertans should be furious.

(Sheila Pratt also has some intersting thoughts on this issue)


Anonymous said...

Maybe people WILL start voting. Like the folks in the Rimbey area who were spied on. I'd be interested to know if they're going to continue to support the governing party that has treated them this way.

If they do, there's no hope.

Anonymous said...

You are a neophyte. Calgary Liberal headquarters were broken into right around election, at two successive elections, Lougheed's Tories are the only freely elected government to ever be charged with fraud, a Tory Justice Minister withheld action against a criminal investigation within the party days before an election just a few years back. There's just a few of many, many gems the general public is aware of where Tories in Alberta dodge the law or plain ol' thumb their noses at it. You can thank folks at CTV and the Sun for keeping those issues off the burners.
This is where the Republican party comes to learn how to lie, cheat and steal (oops! did I say steal!).
This is a party

Anonymous said...

Ed Stelmach is not a Leader.

"Steve Smith" said...

...he towed the AUEB line.

No! Bad Dave! No biscuit!