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Friday, August 17, 2007

melchin poll continued...

The hilarious saga of Greg Melchin's website poll continues as the votes continue to rise this morning in a dramatic seesaw of shifts between 'excellent' and 'below average.' As of 12:11PM today there have been over 1200 more votes than yesterday morning (I'm betting it's only 2 or 3 people actually voting)...

Survey of the Month
How would you rate Premier Stelmach's first session?

Excellent 50.0%

Below Average 37.8%
Satisfactory 10.5%
Average 1.6%
Total Votes: 1395

UPDATE: 1:38PM... 1250 votes later...
Survey of the Month
How would you rate Premier Stelmach's first session?

Excellent 44.9%

Below Average 35.8%
Satisfactory 18.4%
Average 0.9%
Total Votes: 2645


Anonymous said...

How big an idiot is Greg Melchin? Why is this poll still up. He is clearly not running again...and it may not be his choice.

Anonymous said...

Greg Melchin sucks sooo bad.

James L. said...

LOL! Check out his site now! "Should the Calgary Flames win the Stanley Cup in 2008?"

Even if you vote no, it counts as a yes!

I guess that's democracy in the mind of brain-dead Tory Greg Melchin!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of government consultations. There is only one option out of four for the poll-taker that is unsatisfied with Stelmach. I am confused at the difference between a "satisfactory" and an "average" performance.

Anonymous said...

Of interesting note - if you visit his website, he is claiming that the poll had a total number of 964 votes. Looking at your notes, this would reflect the 7:29 numbers (965 votes) that you have in your blog.


Total votes = 964

44.8% - below average
41.4% - excellent
11.4% - satisfactory
2.4% - average