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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

new poll.

On the sidebar for your voting pleasure.

This week's question:

Who will be elected as the MP for Edmonton Strathcona in the next Federal Election?

Linda Duncan, NDP
Rahim Jaffer, Conservative
Claudette Roy, Liberal


Anonymous said...

Go Linda!

Mike B. said...

With two strong candidates splitting on the left, Rahim will win once again.

Anonymous said...

Linda Duncan should win....she's actually really good. Unfortunately, "should win" isn't the same thing as "will win." If I had to bet, my money would be on Rahim....although I've been wrong before. She has a chance, I guess.

kenlister1 said...

Claudette has all the right stuff, and for a change, the Liberals in Strathcona are well organized and well financed.
Rahim is losing touch with his constituents, as I wrote him 6 letters on different issues, and he responded to one with a form letter, and the other 5 he didnt respond at all.

Anonymous said...

I take exception to Hatrock's comment about "two strong candidates splitting on the left".

A. Linda Duncan is a strong candidate. She has a background in public policy and has been a community activist for years. She's also created name recognition through her last campaign. The Liberal candidate is a relative unknown at this point... not a strong candidate as yet.

B. Can we all stop pretending that Stephane Dion's Liberals are anywhere near "the left"? They are far closer to Stephen Harper's Tories than they are to Linda Duncan & Jack Layton.