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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

rick bell on 'kooky craig.'

Calgary Sun columnist Rick Bell offers his thoughts on Progressive Conservative nomination candidate 'Kooky' Craig Chandler's recent comments that if new Albertans: "wish to live here, you must adapt to our rules and our voting patterns, or leave. Conservatism is our culture. Do not destroy what we have created."

UPDATE: CTV Calgary and the Globe and Mail have both run stories on Mr. Chandler's commments.

Ed Stelmach wouldn't refute Chandler's comments, but would only say that: “This province has welcomed newcomers and we will continue to welcome newcomers.”

Here is the YouTube video (linked from Glen):


Anonymous said...

If they haven't already, the Liberals should start looking for a star candidate to run in Calgary - Egmont.

If Craig Chandler manages to win the PC nomination (and Stelmach is too stupid to override it) then the Liberals will have a great chance at winning this seat.

Anonymous said...

Craig Chandler is an Albertan hero and I'm discussed by the typical Liberal slimeball tactics used on hateblogs such as this one to slander his good name with utter lies and ponyshow theatrics.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should go check out his wikipedia page.

I love his antics.

Glen said...

Bob - he may be an "Albertan hero" but is he really Albertan?

I hear he's from Ontario and that he may have not voted Tory at one point - clearly not an Albertan.

Anonymous said...

Chandler will never, never get the Tory nomination in Calgary Egmont. You can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Chandler got 10,000 votes for the Reform Party in Hanilton Ontario for the Reform Party when he was 22.

If anyone does not think he can't do well here then you are delusional and not very versed in his abilities.

Hamilton is a tough place for a right winger. Calgary is very gentle to the right

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

holy smokes! Ed Stelmach basically defended Chandler's right to blab like that? I didn't vote for this guy. Jim Dinning wouldn't have tolerated this kind of behavior.

It's time for Jim to stand up to Stelmach before he completely sinks the boat.

Anonymous said...


By this time next year, Kevin Taft will be Premier!

Go Craig Go!

Anonymous said...

The vast natural resources are what created this boom, not conservatism.

And Stelmach's stuttering response was pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Conservatism is responsible for Alberta's economic growth? I wasn't aware that Neo-Con bullshit deposits itself into the ground as oil.

That makes Neo-cons our greatest resource. It also makes them responsible for global warming.

Anonymous said...

Fran from SE Alberta - my comment has to be that many of those commenting on Craig's chances of winning the PC Nomination are SURE that there is NO WAY IN HELL that he can win. (The Globe comments page was full of these assurances...but unfortunately lots of these folks were from Ontario and points East). What most of them do not understand is that hijacking a Provincial PC Nomination meeting is very doable. Memberships ($5) can be purchased at the door of a meeting (unlike Alberta Liberals who need their memberships 28 days in advance). Nothing stops a contender from having a big wad of $5 bills to distribute as the bus unloads at the Hall either. Stories of PC Nominations meetings being won with busloads of Hutterites (who normally refrain from voting an provincial general elections), young fellows from the local beer parlour with promises of "after the vote - free beer and pool", the stories are endless. In Ralph's World the other Nomination Candidates usually kept their mouth shut if they lost because of these shenanigan. It is following the Provincial PC rules (or lack thereof) after all.