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Friday, August 10, 2007

an unruly bunch.

Ed Stelmach leaves the province for only a couple of days, and already the kids are at each others throats...

Tory MLA slams Ted Morton

Tory MLA Denis Ducharme is slamming Sustainable Resource Minister Ted Morton’s decision to allow seismic tests by a Calgary-based company on Marie Lake, one of Alberta’s remaining pristine bodies of water.

He’s also “very disappointed” that he found out about the decision through the media.

“I found that his lack of professional courtesy to me was unacceptable,” Ducharme, of the Bonnyville-Cold Lake constituency, told Sun Media. “I’m certainly going to be having a discussion with the premier regarding this decision.”

Ducharme suggested Morton’s hands may be tied by the province’s oil development policy.

“Maybe there are some changes that have to be done,” he said. “Unfortunately, Mr. Morton did not show leadership.”


Anonymous said...

Marie Lake will only be really monitored by the oil company as SRD calls it "Self-Management." At Marie Lake, oil development is not only in the backyard, but the front, side yards and the sky. Even with the restricitions-which most of them are the same as they were initially-same distances, only dynamite on land, 48 hours notice to residents, blah, blah, blah! Good bye Marie Lake--its been swell while it lasted!!!

Anonymous said...

Marie Lake has grown uncontollable for the government, and Premier Stelmach is taking on the file personally. What does this spell for the lake and the ministers responsible for this disaster?

Those pesky cottagers are like the summer misquitos, they just do not go away. The most resent bomb shell to hit the conservatives on this issue is that Moore Lake is slated for future exploration and development by OSUM, and the government is working on siesmic approval for Frog Lake.

One would think after the prospect of a sour gas well on Calgary's city limits in 2004 (nearly approved), the government would of revamped the way they sold minerals. Taking into account the public outcry from allowing such things in peoples backyards.

I applaud Denis Ducharme's courage to oppose his own government. I think a cabinet reshufle is in the cards and hope Denis will be put in as the minister of energy or SRD to clean up this mess and the other ones plaguing the sale, exploration and development of minerals in Alberta.