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Monday, September 03, 2007

mr. dithers: alberta edition.

Aren't you glad that Ed Stelmach is speaking for Alberta to the rest of Canada?

"Will there be people without homes? Yes. Will there be some sick people that we can't save, despite all the medical technology that we have? Yes, there will be. But people are continuing to move here because where else are they going to go in Canada?"


Anonymous said...

I just moved to B.C. ... from Edmonton! It saddens me to see that Stelmach is oblivious to the flipside of oil-boom immigration: cultural emigration. I'm part of it, and I'm not alone! For every illiterate Newfie looking to Alberta for manual labour, there's a UofA grad who is a few years (or more) into his career who is feeling stalled by Alberta's lack of economic diversity and public interest in cultural development. We're asking ourselves "where else can I go in Canada that will offer me the opportunities I can't find in Alberta? Where can I go where the issues I care about matter?"

Anonymous said...

Fran from SE Alberta says: Thanks Dave for the link to the Globe - not sure how I missed that one. There has been several articles in the last little while about Alberta Politics and the Wildrose Party...hope we get this much attention come election time!

Anonymous said...

Yea, gotta hate a politician who tells the truth. How dare he! Doesn't he know that in order to be a Liberal he has to tell people what they want to hear but ignore the problems and blame the cons when they get in. I'm beginning to think Candians are getting the govs they deserve.