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Monday, September 17, 2007

political patronage: alberta-style continued...

The Edmonton Journal continued it's two-part feature on political patronage in Progressive Conservative Alberta. Here is a second list that the Journal put together:


- Audrey Luft, organizer of 2007 Alberta PC annual convention: Alberta Foundation for the Arts (chair), NAIT, Alberta Economic Development Authority

- Doug Goss, Edmonton co-chair of Tories' next election campaign: Capital Health, Alberta Economic Development Authority

- Wayne Jacques, former Conservative MLA: Peace Country Health Region, Transportation Safety Board, Law Enforcement Review Board

- Alf Savage, former PC president: Auto Insurance Rate Board (chair), Municipal Government Board

- Wendy Kinsella, losing Edmonton PC candidate in 2001: NorQuest College (chair), Capital Health (vice-chair)

- Marvin Moore, former PC campaign manager and cabinet minister: Peace Country Health (chair), Agriculture Marketing Products Council Appeal Tribunal

- Dale Johnson, president of Whitecourt-Ste. Anne PC association: Aspen Health, Credit Counselling Services of Alberta

- Robert Seidel, lawyer to former treasurer Stockwell Day: Grant MacEwan College, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research

- Skip McDonald, former president of Klein's PC constituency association: Calgary Health, ATB Financial
UPDATE: Calgary-Nose Hill MLA Neil Brown says there's nothing wrong with these appointments.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fran from Medicine Hat says: Thanks for this list (sadly it is just the "tip of the ice-berg" for this tired PC government, bet your readers could add a number of patronage appointments from their areas, many who are "light on qualifications" and heavy on paying their dues to the PC Party. the "bottom of the ice-berg" are the number of Albertans who have volunteered to sit on boards because of their expertise and/or advocacy for certain issues or demographics and who (oops) were reported to have an NDP or Liberal sign on their lawns or spotted at Opposition Campaign Offices - I know of several folks whose appointments were terminated on Provincial Boards or whose were names removed from consideration because they were not "true blue little PCers!"