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Sunday, October 14, 2007

edmonton election 2007: my predictions.

In preparation for tomorrow's Edmonton Municipal Election, here are my predictions for the Mayor, City Council, and Edmonton Public School Board elections...

2007 Edmonton Municipal Election Predictions
1. Stephen Mandel
2. Don Koziak
3. Dave Dowling

Ward 1
1. Karen Leibovici
2. Linda Sloan
3. Andrew Knack

Ward 2
1. Kim Krushell
2. Ron Hayter
3. Dave Loken

Ward 3
1. Ed Gibbons
2. Harvey Voogd
3. Tony Caterina

Ward 4
1. Ben Henderson
2. Lewis Cardinal
3. Jane Batty (within 1,000 votes)

Ward 5
1. Bryan Anderson
2. Don Iveson
3. Mike Nickel

Ward 6
1. Dave Theile
2. Amarjeet Sohi
3. Chinwe Okelu

Edmonton Public School Board
Ward A
1. Bev Esslinger

Ward B
1. Wendy Keiver
2. Ken Shipka

Ward C
1. Sue Huff
2. Don Williams

Ward D
1. Dave Colburn
2. Amanda Beisiegel

Ward E
1. Ken Gibson
2. Neil MacDonald

Ward F
1. Don Fleming
2. Susan O'Neil

Ward H
1. Catherine Ripley
2. Neil Robblee

Ward I
1. Gerry Gibeault
2. Judith Axelson


Kuri said...

Is Ward G too close to call or something?

kenlister1 said...

batty and nichol out? you are crazy dude.

daveberta said...

I'm really not familiar enough with the Ward G race or candidates to call it.

Do you have predictions for Ward G?

Any other predictions?

Anonymous said...

Dave--this looks more like the council you want than the council we're going to get. Not that I too wouldn't love to see the election turn out the way you write here, but...


Thats a safe prediction for Ward A since Bev is in by acclimation

Anonymous said...

Low turn out will hurt some of the incumbents.

Kuri said...

I'm sorry that I don't have any predictions. I find the non-party slate-ness of municipal elections makes the races too messy for that.

I only singled out G because it was the only one absent as far as I can tell, and because I live there. My hope is that Marlene Spencer wins, because of the little I heard about the candidates, she was the only one opposed to P3s, but I have no idea whether my hopes will be borne out.

Anonymous said...

Yes... MORE communists on council, just what we need!

No wonder people don't take Edmonton seriously...

Anonymous said...

Because it has people who make comments like that?

Anonymous said...

Respect your opinions Dave, but that's the council you want, not a prediction. Especially in 4 and 5.

I'm headed off to vote right now in fact in ward 3 to make sure someone with Voogd's resume doesn't make it into civic government.

Anonymous said...


Ward G looks like a two-horse race between George Rice and Marlene Spenser, judging by signs and flyers alone.

Rice's website is a little vague on his platform, but he has good name-recognition as a long time principal.

Spencer is a newcomer to the school board (decades of experience in education though) but seems to have some concrete ideas.

I would guess Rice has a bit of an edge, but school closure is a hot button issue in this ward and Dr. Spencer might just pull off a minor upset.