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Monday, October 08, 2007

edmonton election 2007: a race in ward 3.

With the retirement of two-term Councillor Janice Melnychuk, the open seat in Ward 3 has captured the imagination of a couple interesting candidates (though not the floodgate of 15 candidates vying for the vacant seat in Ward 4).

Contenders for Ward 3 include social activist and Friends of Medicare head Harvey Voogd and businessperson Tony Caterina. You might remember both of them from previous races such as Voodg’s 2001 adventure with the New Democrats in Edmonton-Norwood and as a candidates for the short-lived elected Capital Health Board. Tony Caterina's previous adventures include time as Ward 3's third place candidate in 2004 and the Alberta Alliance in provincial constituency of Edmonton-Centre in the same year. I'm sure both Voogd and Caterina are hoping that the 'third time's a charm.'

It should be a close fight between Voogd and Caterina for the vacant seat, but with Voogd as the natural candidate for the northeast’s Liberal and New Democrat voters, I’m predicting Voogd has the edge over Caterina.

Incumbent Councillor Ed Gibbons will most likely be safely re-elected. Even though Ed Gibbons hasn’t been the most effective voice on City Council, his long-time involvement in Ward 3 has bolstered his name recognition in Edmonton’s northeast. Gibbons is the former President of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and served one-term as the Liberal MLA for Edmonton-Manning from 1997 to 2001.

Ward 3 has elected a number of luminaries in the past, including former Mayoral candidate Robert Noce, current leader of the New Democrats Brian Mason, and former Edmonton-East Federal Liberal MP Judy Bethel.

2007 Candidates
Kyle Balombin
Tony Caterina
Ed Gibbons*
Shiu Wing Mak
Chris Martin
Chris Roehrs
Thomas James Tomilson
Harvey Voogd

2004 Election Results
Janice Melnychuk - 21,020
Ed Gibbons - 17,524
Tony Caterina - 9,416
Joan Duiker - 5,978
Kyle Balombin - 3,334

Facebook Count
Tony Caterina for Ward 3 - 48 members
Chris Martin for Edmonton City Council - Ward 3 - 118 members


Anonymous said...

With Caterina finishing a strong 3rd last time out, and having (though very mild) a touch of name recognition, I'd say he has a very solid shot at this. It'll be, well, not interesting, but at least it's not just another coronation.

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious that Tony is the best candidate. Harvey Voogd does not even live in the Ward. How can he understand what we as a Ward, really need. Tony is all about what's best for Ward 3 and the direction we should be heading. He's got my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Tony is focused - his concerns are our concerns. After all, he does live in our ward. I think Harvey is using this campaign to get start a political career - I don't think he's really concerned about the issues that we are facing in Ward 3. Tony's character and personality would make a great Councillor and voice for Ward 3 on City Council! He has mine, and my family's vote!

Unknown said...

Caterina is horrific. He appears to be the kind of person who essentially only values money - either making it or showing off how much you've got. I'm sick to death of business bozos who don't demonstrate any concern for anyone outside of their peer group, and keeping my fingers crossed for tonight's results.